Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Open Letter to She Who Will Not Be Named

To She Who Will Not Be Named,

We knew this letter would happen eventually, not that you'll ever see it. More than likely, you don't even know that I have this blog, or that I even enjoy writing. In fact, it may appear that the only things you know about me are the things you've cooked up in your head and served on a platter to everyone we know. But here's a heads-up: as many times as you're wrong, you've never been so wrong as you are now.

I thought the petty talk and looks in my direction were nothing in the beginning. I thought you'd eventually realize that I'm not the least bit interesting and you'd leave me well enough alone. So, I ignored everything. I ignored you. Isn't that what we were taught as kids? I figured if I acted like you didn't exist, maybe the things you were saying would go away. This time I was wrong.

Your talk escalated. You got my personal life involved. You weren't just talking about me anymore, but you got my loved ones involved. And you tried to get them to distrust me. You tried to get them to turn on me, though I've never done anything to you. I don't even know you.

A lot of people in my life second-guessed me. A lot of people judged me and looked me over again, all because of you. All because someone like you decided to do this. Although I don't know how everyone reacted, you made me realize that some of the relationships of mine that you've threatened have become tighter. I now know who I won't lose. I just wish I could shake myself of you.

I honestly don't know what I did to make this happen.

I've always lived my life by my own rules. Most of the time I just keep to myself and simply live. I wasn't trying to draw attention on my personal life. But you saw something that you had no control of and tried to ruin it for me. You almost ruined everything I'd worked so hard for. To this day, you're still trying to ruin my personal successes. I have no idea why.

But I'll warn you right now: it's not getting you anywhere. If anything, it's digging your own hole. After the initial hurt, I realized that the only views you're changing are how people see you. Those who are important to me realize that what you're saying is unimportant and immature. But your image and reputation is dimming by the day. Is that what you wanted? I didn't think so.

People have always loved me or hated me; my entire life I've known this. Quite honestly, I can't do much about it and I'm not going to try. I'm just going to keep living and if someone wants to join me on the ride, so be it.

I've found that I can make people who love me end up hating me, but I can never make someone who hates me love me. I've honestly come to terms with that, and if I'm not doing anything wrong, I don't care.

So in short, you can take your rumors and lies about me and go f*** yourself.


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Alpha Za said...

you sound pissed. Ring her doorbell and put a Burning bag of shit outside her door!!!!!!

You'll feel better, I promise... the video on the blog.

Anthony Hodgson said...

Going through the same thing so know how you feel. It passes and makes you stronger in the end mate. A very powerful, emotional, heartfelt blog. Well done.

Chris said...

this is awesome babe, I just wish that the person would actually read this and drive herself insane trying to figure out who it is about... not knowing that in the end, its really about her.

V said...

I'd say ask her what's her kak but you know, will it help? No.
I liked this SO much it's not even funny and i felt with you the irritation and aggravation.
You cant make a hater love you - very wise, very true!
Thank you for this letter coz i could relate and wish that i could send it to a few folks like this!!! LOL


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