Monday, October 04, 2010

Guest Post: An Open Letter to "Haters"

This new guest post is brought to you by Tansy; a fellow writer and blogger. She is a great writer who recently sent this post as an email submisison. Don't forget to submit your guest posts to Check out Tansy's Open Letter to the "haters" then check out her blog here.

Dear "Haters,"

Honestly, I'm 99% positive that you don't hate me, because I'm also 99% sure you really don't know who I am. You might know my shell, this shell that I wear out to the world. You don't understand, what my life is like, and I don't understand your life. Let's keep it like that though, because if you have enough time and energy to spend "hating" me I don't think I would like spending time around you.

I'm sorry if I actually hurt you in any way, if so then I deserve your hatred. I just hope that your time hating me could not have taken up time in your life, because frankly I don't deserve your time if I offended you.

Hopefully, we can both learn something from each other. Isn't that a good thing to do in life, learn from your mistakes? It tends to be my view point on things, so I thank you haters. Thank you for exposing me to something I most likely haven't experienced before. Thank you for teaching me to brush you off, and not to take anything personally. I get it. Some people just won't like me, and you've taught me that.

I hope by you hating me, that I've taught you something. People aren't perfect, and won't always live up to your standards. I'm not a robot or a barbie doll that you can dress up and do what ever you please with. I'm a person I have thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, likes, dislikes, and opinions, just because they're not exactly like yours it doesn't give you the right to "hate" me.

I admit it, I might be a "hater" too. I know how it feels, but I've realized my time and energy put into hating something turned out to be wasted. I could have put that time and energy into something I love, something I enjoy. Trust me, I don't enjoy hating you. Don't get me wrong, you're worth hating, I just don't have the time.

Peace out Girl Scout.

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Nikita said...

Couldn't have put it better myself! :)

claire said...

Blog award for you! :D


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