Thursday, October 07, 2010


Maybe one must be able to accept herself before she can let others accept her. How often in life do people truly accept themselves? How many people can you find that are confident in themselves and their decisions? I know from personal experience that acceptance of yourself in not something you think about every day. Usually, as human beings, we are consistently focused on what other people think of us and if they approve and accept of us. It’s very rare that we take a look at ourselves and think ‘do I like what I see? Am I doing what I think is right? Does it feel right and am I 100 percent confident with it?’ It’s really a difficult concept, but now more than ever, I realize the importance. Self-acceptance is primary, if you don’t accept yourself, why should anyone else? I have found that once you can be confident in yourself and true to yourself, others tend to see you in a different light. I’m not sure how it works, but it’s like a new, and maybe truer you has taken shape, and that’s when people can see how you really shine.

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

U are absolutely right.. My ex bf could never accept a compliment- it was painful for him, can u believe that? He would deny, deny... then again when u have low self esteem it would be hard to accept a compliment...U have to be comfortable not only w/the good parts but also the flawed parts as well.

V said...

100% right!!
We somehow literally DO shine when we've accepted ourselves. I think we radiate a more positive energy from our uh souls. That's my theory ;)

♥ T said...

I agree with you. It's like that one saying "you have to love yourself before anyone can ever love you." Although I'm not sure how much truth is in that quote, it makes a lot of sense. We can't expect others to accept us for who we are if we find it hard to accept ourselves first. Great post :)


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