Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Open Letter to My Generation

What the HELL are you doing?

Okay, I'll slow down.

But seriously where are your heads and what's going on in your brains? I used to have so much respect for you guys. Growing up, our teachers kept pounding into our skulls that we were THE generation. Remember?

"You are the ones that are going to change the world. You have the technology, you have the resources, and you have the power. You guys are the future."

And even if they may have said so to every generation, I was stuck on the fact that we were going to do something huge; together or separately we were going to change the world. We're going to be the next presidents, inventors, educators and role models....right?

But I know you. I go to school with some of you still and it frightens me. I get on Facebook and see your status updates that paint a portrait of the direction your lives are taking. The status updates that tell me everything I don't need to know and more. And I see the photos you're tagged in and the photos you take of yourselves. It's truly a crying shame.

I see your names in the local newspaper police reports; these are kids that I've known since the age of five. I know what you're up to, and I don't know why. When did we forget that we have a responsibility to the future?

I know the world we've been handed isn't in the most promising condition, and I honestly would choose something a little bit simpler. The economy is in turmoil, wars are a constant occurrence, and people are prejudiced and quick to judge others. We have a lot of problems and they've been dropped into our laps.

But that doesn't mean it's time to party and ignore the situation at hand. That's not about to get us anywhere. Do you remember guys, we're the future? Doesn't that mean that we should be eager to 'inherit' all these issues so that we can make the most of them? I know it's a weird concept, but 'back in the day' we used to be so eager to please. We used to care what other people thought about us. Now we're putting our faults out on the internet for the world to pick apart. What happened to self respect and dignity? 

I'm pleading with you to step it up. Use the sucky situations to your advantage. Most of us don't have the best track record, so use taking advantage of the future and making CHANGE a way to clean your slate, and perhaps even...make a difference.


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UjjwalRaaj said...

It's when things went horribly wrong that I realized my friends circle wasn't very good. I spent a whole lot of time thinking.

I'm glad to have broken free and moved on. It's funny how it took a drunken night on which we drove a car over the sidewalk to knock some sense into me.

I feel great these days a little isoloated at times, but I've recovered the drive to do big when I was in the 5th grade..a bit realistically though, but hey what the hell.


Great post.

MK said...

Certainly thought provoking.We just shrug our shoulders and ignore all these issues, like they're not our headache. As is someone else will come along and fix all our problems for us.

Melissa Blake said...

Grest thoughts, Jessi! :)

Natalie said...

unfortunately self respect went out the window with modesty in favor of rebelling against the higher power. it's difficult, but you have to have hope that we're not ALL like that - obviously you have a good head on your shoulders. also another thing to remember is that some of us will grow out of it.

but i definitely see your point, and i agree. we started off so strong, and now i'm a little

Erica said...

You're right. Every generation gets told "You are the future". And then when the future rolls around, you ask yourself these two questions:

Did I really make a difference?
Am I the person I wanted to be?

I am Gen X and we were the most sullen, introspective and confused teens that probably ever existed, thus we were named X as in "?" As long as you lead and not follow, the world is yours. And in your case, I think you're ready to carve an amazing future for yourself :)

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violet said...

I'm thinking that every 'next generation' before us were told such things. So personally, I don't really bother. I just be the best that I can be and when I can, I try to help others too. :)


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