Friday, October 01, 2010

To All the Boys Who Loved Me..Walking Home From School

You probably read the title and thought 'what an ego-maniac.'

Well, I am an ego-maniac, but that's not the reason I'm writing this.

They (I don't know who this 'they' is) say that the things you pick up during your childhood reflect you later in life. 
Then I started thinking about relationships, guys, love, and my favorite --- drama. Why do I act/react the way I do? Why do I stumble into the encounters that I do? What is it with me?! 

I traced my roots...
back to the boys in elementary school.

Not the ones that I had crushes on, but rather the ones who had crushes on this girl. All while this girl was innocently trying to walk home from school.

There was Robert*, the red-headed demon child who wasn't even in my class. He walked the same way home that  I did after school, and no matter how much I tried to avoid him, he always seemed to find me.

Robert was the reason I'm terrified of eyes. Yes, like the ones on your face.

After school nearly every day for an entire year he followed me. Taunting like only a creepy little red-head could. When he'd finally get me to turn around and pull my head out of my book (yes, I used to read while I walked home) he would promptly flip his eyelids inside out. The top ones. I could see the inside of his eyelid and veins. The fine, almost blond eyelashes would disappear, and I would scream.

Every. Single. Day. For almost a year.

Then, there was Nicholas.* We were in the first or second grade and his brother was a big, terrifying fifth grader. They used to follow me home too. Nicholas was a nice kid, making small talk to me and asking about the book that I was currently reading. It was Nicholas' brother & co. who drove me almost to the breaking point.

"Nicholas likes Jessiiiiii, Nicholas likes Jessiiiiiiiii." 

The older boys would laugh, and Nicholas would get uncomfortable. Sometimes they even started singing the 'sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g' song. Yet he continued to walk with me as they followed behind, chanting.

Every. Single. Day. For almost a year.

Finally, there was Chad*. Now Chad was really the cream of the crop. Chad lived one street over from me, so he had to walk with me the furthest. I always considered him my first encounter with a bully, but I don't remember it all. I just remember the teasing and constant nagging. Calling me things like 'cutie.' My favorite vomit-worthy pet name? 'Sugar pie.' 

Every. Single. Day. For almost a year.

Maybe he's the reason I hate pet names.

Whatever my deal is, I know that these immature experiences early on really stuck with me; they may not be the first thing I think of when it comes to my 'experience' with the male race, in fact they almost come dead last. I don't know any of these fine young men now. Since I knew them in their 'early stages,' I wonder what sort of gentlemen they may have grown up to be, 

As for the red-headed demon child, I think I'll pass.

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Molly said...

Hahaha, love it! I had a first grade fiance. I still see him sometimes though. :P

Deidra said... never know when you'll find answers in the past!

Kat said...

wow. that's deep. I think. BUT THAT IS GENUIS! Woot. I love that idea. U aren't losing a follower a day. U are gaining a follower a day. strange thing is, you kinda sound like my friend, except she doesn't have a love. Wannabe a rockestar? Keep'on blogging...Then again....................................................................................................................................................wait. being like 5 still means you can keep ur dream right? well, then...

V said...

I am liking A LOT!!
it actually made me think about my past. I had one boyfriend in primary school and we were SUPER close and i guess that's why i dont just date coz tom, dick or harry!!
Make you think!!!

Facebook them and report back except the red head, EVEN I'M TRAUMATIZED BY HIM!!!!


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