Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Totally Awesome Boy. Part Four

He kept surprising me. He continually asked me to hang out with him, to do anything really...We would work together and he would ask if I was free sometime. He would text me wondering how I was and what I was up to.

I wish I was lying when I say I think this went on for weeks and weeks.

"You kept saying you couldn't chill before. We would make plans and you'd cancel," he says now.

Unfortunately, I remembered this as soon as he said it. I always considered it, then changed my mind at the last second. It was just mean. And I was just terrified for some reason. I was terrified of everything. I was scared of him, I was scared to date, I was scared to be remotely interested in anyone or to even get to know anyone new. I had no reason to be, yet there I was.

Then, after weeks and weeks of my torture (I didn't mean it!) we were stuck working together. I clearly remember realizing this when I walked in through the theater doors. I also clearly remember feeling my stomach drop when I saw him. After some awkward small talk and me constantly wringing my hands, he switched everything up.
He stopped beating around the bush and laid it on the line.

To be continued...

photo via (we heart it)


Siobhan said...


NO MAN!!!!! I wana know NOW :(

Nate said...

It's like 'How I Met Your Mother' in blog form!

Jessi Haish said...

Haha I can't say I've ever seen that...
But I hope it's a good thing, and I hope you're liking the story so far ;)


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