Friday, November 12, 2010

This Totally Awesome Boy. Part Three

One of my best friends hated this guy. And he hated him. They all hated each other. Drama in high school messes up a lot of things. It almost messed up what I would think about this totally awesome boy (TAB.)

I had TAB talking to me, trying to get to know me and I had one of my closest friends telling me that he was no good. I was caught in the middle of something that I had never asked for. All because of their personal drama and mishaps. So I ignored it all, and tried to ignore both of them.

I had enough drama in my life, why would I need theirs? But apparently TAB was falling for me. And being a girl who isn't pined over everyday, I didn't notice, didn't do anything about it, and kept ignoring him.

He was practically watching on the sidelines while I kept living life, falling for other people and basically tripping over my own feet. But he kept trying to make an impression. Thank goodness he did or else I really don't know where I'd be now.

One day I decided to let everything else that had happened go. I spent an entire day of work with him without cutting him short, ignoring him, or giving him rude one-worded answers (I still don't know why I did that anyway.) I decided to let my restrictions go and just hear him out.

He kept surprising me.

To be continued...

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Melissa Blake said...

JESSI!!! You've done an awesome job with this series! Hope to see more next week :)

Levonne said...

Your writing is engaging in this piece Jess. I like the way you reflect on these relationships.

Jennifer Scavone said...

thats cute =)

Anonymous said...

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