Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Totally Awesome Boy. Part Two.

I didn't even give him a chance. I didn't like his attitude (how ironic considering mine.) I didn't like the stories he told me about his past (even though he couldn't change it) and most of all I couldn't picture myself with him.

And apparently I let it show. He claims that I flat-out ignored him, gave him less-than-nice looks and just treated him like, well, dirt. And as much as that hurts to think about now, I can't take it back. I wish I could but I know it's not possible.

But he was persistent. And I was sick of guys "like him." I was sick of being mistreated and I was sick of trying for no reason. I know it wasn't fair, but that's the kind of person I was. Building walls instead of bridges. You know the story.

And yet....he somehow managed to break this shell that I was wearing against him.

To be continued...

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Nate said...

This better not end up being one of those forever-ongoing stories, like How I Met Your Mother!! =P

Defiant Princess said...

Aw, it happens so! now regretting over what you did isnt a good option.. should just let go and see if there's any chance now!


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