Thursday, December 30, 2010

This is Who I Am: The Question Game

I played the question game with friends Scott and Melissa. We sent each other some questions to answer and decided to post the responses on our blogs. Here's 10 of the 20 questions Melissa Blake asked me. Will be posting the rest on a later date! Let me know what you think of the Wannabe Star! ;)

1. MB: When did you know you wanted to be a journalist?
JH: My senior year, my high school newspaper got a new adviser. Since she was new to the school and didn't know how the paper was run the year prior, she had no idea who the editor-in-chief would be. One day she took me out in the hall and said she spoke with the school's English department -- and they had unanimously decided I would be the best choice. From that day on I felt like I had a calling, and a spot to fill: finally, a clear purpose. Finally something I was good at. From that day on, I felt pure passion and drive when it came to journalism, and I can't see myself pursuing anything other than this field.

2. MB: do you dislike the Beatles so much?
JH: Haha. As much as I love John Lennon, I've never been able to appreciate the Beatles. I completely realize the impact they had on the music industry, but to me, they're completely overrated. I just don't enjoy the music and can name 10 underrated bands that deserve half the love and appreciation that is heaped upon the Beatles for reasons beyond me. I think that this love of the Beatles is simply the 'trendy' thing.

3. MB: Would you rather have your heart broken or never fall in love in the first place?
JH: I would definitely choose having my heart broken. One earns so much character from having one's heart broken. You learn so much about yourself from the experience, and it's an experience everyone needs to have. You can grow so much from that heart break; it's truly astounding what great things can come from bad times. Besides, it's always great material for your writing ;)

4. MB: What is your favorite Taylor Swift song and why?
JH: This is tough. I love "Picture to Burn" because when she describes the "stupid old pick up truck you never let me drive," I smile. It definitely reminds me of someone I know, and something I've felt. But I'd have to say "The Way I Loved You" and "Change." Those lyrics speak to me so much, even though all of her songs do, I love the way these two specific songs make me feel.

5. MB: If you could live in any decade, which would you choose?
JH: I'm an eighties girl at heart. Even though everyone says I'm an old soul, I'd go with the eighties. Being born in 1990, I missed a lot of greatness. In the eighties, I'd wear whatever I want, see some great concerts and just have a great time.

6. MB: If Steven Tyler asked you to marry him and run away on tour, would you?
JH: Gahhh. This is so difficult. I treasure everything I have here, but Steven Tyler is so wonderful. As much as I love him, he's old and I'm scared I'd get stuck taking care of him ;) Maybe I'd go for a while, but I'd probably get sick of the lifestyle and come running back home. Who knows? :)

7. MB: Describe your hometown in 3 words
JH: Oh boy. Lately, I'd have to say: small. frustrating. simple.

8. MB: Where does your blogging inspiration come from?
JH: My blogging inspiration comes from different places. I find that the more time I have to read books, the more fine-tuned I feel when I write. I find myself with more ideas and drive after reading. Sitting with my boyfriend and just talking, no censorship, inspires me. Our discussions are always 100 percent open and honest, and I think that helps me release what I want to say in my writing. My life inspires me.

9. MB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
JH: Let's see, in five years I'll be 25 and out of school. I'm hoping I'll have some sort of career starting out: living on my own, writing and working. I'm hoping that I'll be finding my footing in life and creating something great for myself.

10. MB: What is your worst fear?
JH: I can honestly say that I'm absolutely terrified of being stuck, not being able to achieve anything or move forward. I want so much for myself and my life, but I'm scared that something will get in the way. I'm scared that I wont accomplish what I need and want to and wont find success and happiness. I guess we'll see.


violet said...

Cool! I love honesty, and even more, honest people. Keep writing (well, musing. LOL!) ^ ^

Molly said...

"The Way I Loved You" is one of my all time favorite Taylor Swift songs. I didn't know it was anyone else's! Good to know someone else has good taste! ;)

sugarmouse said...

might steal this off you! lol happy new year's eve!


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