Friday, December 10, 2010

This Totally Awesome Boy. Part Eight

We sat down and stared at the movie pre-show. We exchanged some small talk. Finally, the movie started and it was as terrible as I predicted. I knew I was cold, I'm always cold. I found myself scooting closer to him.

I knew our shoulders were touching, and I was strangely okay with the space between us disappearing. Then, without the confines of his car, I could actually smell his cologne for what it was.

Stetson effing Black.

Let me give you a little background. Stetson Black was determined as my favorite cologne, the “manliest cologne alive” one day at Kohl's. My best friend and I had spent an entire afternoon determining the manliest scent, one that the manliest man (our future husband) would wear. While she opted for an Usher scent, I couldn't stop inhaling that Stetson effing Black.

I found myself thinking like that for about fifteen minutes while zoning out on Jackie Chan's face. I forgot where I was, I forgot who I was with, and I forgot that somehow my head had wound up on his shoulder. His shoulder that smelled like Stetson effing Black.

Next thing I knew, the credits were rolling. He shook me gently, and I jolted awake. I wiped some drool from the corner of my mouth and looked up. I quickly pulled my head back. “Um, well, that was as good as I predicted.”

“What are you talking about? That was a terrible movie.”


We left the theater, and got back into the speed demon of doom. The metal music came back on, and I once again stared out the window until he pulled onto my street and put the car in park right next to the snowbank once again.

“Well, see ya later,” he said.

I had made it home alive.

I went upstairs and shut my bedroom door. I changed my pants and crawled into bed. I laid there staring at the ceiling, wondering what exactly had gone on that night. What I had gotten myself into. As I rolled over and put my arm on my sleeve, I discovered a weird feeling of...something. What was my head telling me? What was my stomach saying for that matter?

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rose said...

I am getting very into this story, it's like a romantic novel!

rose xxxx

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Jessi Haish said...

Be sure to check back here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! Thanks for reading :)


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