Wednesday, December 08, 2010

This Totally Awesome Boy. Part Seven

But then I realized I would have to face him at work.


I sat down and he looked at me quickly (under his hat) and said "sup."

I went to say "not much, how are you," as I put on my seat belt, but he quickly hit the gas. Next thing I knew, we were at the stop sign at the end of my street.

He didn't say anything the entire ride to the movie theater, which surprised me. He tried so hard to talk to me at work, why wouldn't he say something now?

I stared out the window the entire ride, wondering if there was anything better I could be doing in that moment. My friends had warned me about him, maybe that's why he seemed intriguing at first. I didn't really know him, maybe that's why I wanted a chance to get to know him. But sitting there, listening to screamo-metal (gross,) trying not to choke on the thick-ass cologne-filled air, I wanted to punch myself in the face. I wanted to go home, call it a night and forget this ever happened.

We got to the theater and that's when I realized what my REAL problem was. I was about to go into my place of employment with one of my coworkers. Um, who thought this was a good idea? Oh wait... I began to imagine the possible scenarios that would be playing out at any moment. He parked the car.

Finally, he spoke.

"Are you ready?"


We got our tickets and proceeded through the theater, eyes on us. There wasn't a single coworker that wasn't watching us like animals in an exhibit.

Finally, we made it to the theater door. He opened it for me, which was nice. But I was still reluctant toward this date. I still didn't want to go through with it, and then I remembered we were watching a crappy movie.

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UjjwalRaaj said...

lol. I can associate with this. Haha.

Hugs. :)

Sana Ali said...

These posts remind me of a Sarah Dessen novel. I absolutely love them:)


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