Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This Totally Awesome Boy. Part Thirteen

He said he would meet them.

The next night after I told him about the “rule,” I got a text message: a Facebook notification that someone had written on my wall.

“heyyyy, you should check the new Facebook Note I added.. It's about youuuu. Later, and text meee. Lol have a good rest of the day.”

I was at the dinner table when this came in. I suddenly lost my appetite.

After a painfully long dinner, I ran up to my computer. There it was: a Facebook note for the world to see: all about the most amazing person he'd ever met. Me.

I freaked. I instantly texted him. “Why did you write that? You need to take that down now.” Then I saved it to my computer. I could use this for my book someday.

Forty minutes later, it was gone. He replaced it with a wall post to my profile: “sorry.”

But honestly, I didn't care. What he had written made me feel terrible, even though it was full of decent things. Things that would have been normal after months of dating.

"basically, to start things off, life has been going.. well, smooth for a change. finally, after listening to every one of my stinking friends tell me that ill meet someone that likes me for me, i have. She is absolutely amazing, likes me for me, and doesn't care what people think, which is what i need in my life because i tend to be quite shy, until you get to know me of course.

she is into journalism, writing almost everyday, except when she gets blocked where she doesn't know what to write about, in which i come into the picture and try to give her some ideas. as i was saying previously, she doesn't try to sugar coat me, she likes me for me, and i like her for her. People give us trouble at work, yes we work together, and she was worried about it, lightening the mood, i told her that it didn't matter what they thought, as long as her and i were happy together than that was all that mattered.

we have gone on two dates, real dates, and have another one this sat, (lord willing and the creek dont rise) and i get to meet her parents that night :), i am excited for that. they were said to not be too strict or crazy by her, soooo hopefully things go well and they like me when its said and done.. though im not worried that they wont, im nervous that ill say something that they dont like, which would suck.

I really am happy thinking that this might work out in my direction for a change, hopefully it continues down this path, and we can be happily together at some point, though maybe not too soon, but soon at the same time, no matter how confusing that may seem to be.

Moving on to her, she loves aerosmith, and any real bands similar to them. She doesn't like techno or rap, and is pretty cool with any other music, though the alternative rock is more of her type. as i said, she loves to write, and is attending Kishwaukee College, taking all the usual gen ed classes, and journalism and is part of newspaper, which i think is awesome. lol, i tell her she will be famous someday, which wouldn't surprise me if she is, considering she is an amazing writer.

She is taking my life away, but still knows that i am a christian, and accepts that. I am not sure if she has considered becoming a christian, or if she is, but i plan on asking someday, but it seems a little to early to bring something that serious up to her, i don't want to scare her away, not saying i wont bring it up, just right now doesn't seem like it would be the best time to bring this up.

Hopefully we can be together, i want to be, and hopefully she does, so we will see where this goes, and if it ends good we will both be happy :).

Oh yea, by the way, her name is Jessi, and she is the most amazing person ive ever met.

Ever :)"

Here he was saying that I was the most amazing person he'd ever met, yet I felt like I had no idea who he was.

I was simply creeped out. I didn't understand where he was coming from, and I wanted it to stop. I'd never experienced anything like this before and I didn't know what to do with it.

Saturday came, and we were supposed to hang out. I lied and said I had plans with my family. I honestly didn't want to see him ever again. That note made me more uncomfortable than anything I had experienced before. So I shut down.

We didn't talk for at least two weeks.

What do you think of the Totally Awesome Boy series so far? Have a great holiday and TAB will be picked back up in January!

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scc said...

I'm enjoying your TAB series. I sure hope there's a happy ending. :)

UjjwalRaaj said...


Grace said...

it's interesting, and I'm interested in seeing where this all goes.

TexasGirl said...

Not gonna lie. I'm getting a kick out of the series! It's interesting and fun! Can't wait to see what happens!

Puput Nopitasari said...

the note he wrote is so sweet. :D
i'm sure he really adores you Jessie. :p

Hannah E. said...

YOU CANNOT JUST END IT THERE. Whatso ever are you thinking? I'm hanging here!

Maryam said...

January?! That's so far away! I love the series, it has me on tenterhooks every time I read it and await the next installment :)

Jessi Haish said...

Aww thanks for reading guys :) And don't fret, January is not that far away!!!!

London Girl said...

Wow... that's intense!

Good luck with that ;)


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