Monday, January 17, 2011

I made a bowl of Jello.

I made a bowl of Jello.

I boiled some water. I added the Jello-y mix. I stirred in some cold water, and stuck it in the fridge. Voila. I am a chef.

Or at least I felt that way for a brief moment. I had some sort of switch flick on in me. The vibe perhaps, of being this brand new person. I...cooked.

I don't cook if I can't help it. So I don't cook.

I wouldn't mind calling myself the Queen of Drive Thrus, the Take Out Duchess or the Delivery Diva. I don't mind those titles. I can't cook and I choose not to cook. Much like other things that I'd rather stay away from, like laundry and cleaning.

But while making that Jello, I had this feeling. For a moment I was Julia Child. I wanted to deliver the Jello to my boyfriend, with a big spoon and say "I made this for you, darling." I wanted to make a scene because I was so proud of myself. I wanted him to go, "wow, this is amazing!" and pat me on the head with a kiss on the cheek. I wanted an audience to appear from corners of the kitchen and stand up and applaud. I wanted to be wearing an apron with perhaps a smear of flour under my eye. Err, a smear of Jello packet mix under my eye. I wanted short, curly Lucy Ball-esque hair and high heels. I wanted my yellow bowl full of cherry Jello to suddenly be a feast. I could make a feast, I could do this! I AM that girl!

As quickly as the moment arrived, it departed.

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

How opposite we are!

Although I too tend to stray away from traditional ideas of femininity and domesticism, I was raised in a "foodie" household...and thusly, I LOVE to cook. In my house, magazines like 'Food & Wine' and 'Bon Appetit' are like the Bible, and for every special occasion, my dad whips up a dish that tastes like Julia Child herself made it. So for me, cooking isn't in any way, shape or form a means of expressing femininity or domestic skills - it's how I feed my soul. I love to experiment with different flavor combinations and spices on my own. I love to go to the local farmer's market and use fresh, in-season ingredients to create gourmet dishes that are not only delicious, but healthy and sustainable. The best part of cooking on my own, though, is seeing all the money I save by making my own meals, which often produce leftovers in addition to however many servings are eaten that night, often for less than one restaurant meal.

Sometimes, cooking can be really cool and fun when you look at it from a "foodie" standpoint. :)

Siobhan said...

Lol! And I was just about to tell you that I have a few recipes on my Belief blog if you're interested hahahaha!!
At least the jello was good and that's what matters :)


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