Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I wish I could remember my social life before technology.

According to a new study, technology is corrupting the youth. Go figure, right? Well, believe it or not, this is an issue we may not even be consciously recognizing.

The more time we spent engrossed in our technology, the quicker we may be moving in "real time," in our real social lives.
It is believed that women who are frequent users of social media (main examples: Facebook and texting) are jumping faster into more physical relationships than those who are not. Technology is making girls...sluttier?

Think about it. We've all dealt with someone (or maybe we do it too!) who gets a little confident when they can hide behind the protection of a computer or phone. When we text, when we message chat, we're more confident because we don't have to interact face-to-face. More often than not, if we want something, like someone else, we can find ourselves saying something that we wouldn't dream of saying to the person. It tends to move things much quicker than dealing with the humility of face-time that isn't Facebook.

According to the study, that isn't the only reason women are getting their groove on sooner. With all this time spent texting, emailing, or interacting with someone special on a social networking site, it seems like we've known them longer than we truly have. With all this technology, we never really have to part with someone. We feel more confident to open up sooner, and we're doing it more often.

So what do you think ladies? Are your prospective encounters, err, relationships moving faster due to the raging availability of technology? Or would you say we're still taking it nice and slow? How about a little good old-fashioned courting, anyone?

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AlyRose said...

Let me just say that I've been reading your blog for quite some time, and I think this is very interesting :)

I think technology is definitely changing how people (especially young people) go about relationships. Like you said, it's so easy through texting and Facebook because you really can say whatever you want to, and the other person doesn't have to see how happy (or nervous) you are about talking to them.

But than again, it does have its share of downsides; It can be hard to discern what the other person is saying, and that can cause a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. I believe that in order to have a real relationship, you do have to talk face to face and actually spend time with each other. So again, while the internet may be easier, it's not the best foundation

Jess said...

without going too TMI I honestly would say I agree and it kind of scares me that I think this is definitely a trend with younger women/girls/teenagers etc. I think social networking/texting etc gives us a false sense of security and self esteem that most people do not have on a face-to-face basis. Good blog!

Siobhan said...

Ok here's my story.
Through a mutual friend, I met Candice virtually.
We kinda were always chatting and I felt like she was a long lost sister! We were always talking & were so open with each other - BLISS!
In the space of a month after virtually meeting we decided we wanted to meet in real life. We did - DOUBLE BLISS!
After that things were fine but it slowly started draining and the friendship dragged. It was kinda like a one month stand. It was great but th flame died and honestly it wasn't worth the pain coz I felt like I found a proper friend.

Technology found me a friend, technology can't keep a friend and now I'm more cautious... I'm usually a very cautious person but technology made me throw that out the door lol

Kat Swan said...

Wow, thank you for bringing this to our attention. It makes... sense. It makes me motivated to stop texting my crush and actually spend time with him, face to face.

XeL said...

This is insanely true! I've been there; I've become "sluttier" because I was communicating through a phone and not to the actual person. Not a day goes by that I don't regret what happened with that phone! I seriously worry that my younger sisters will follow in my footsteps especially as they are thrown into a world with new technology every day. What if for them it's not a video phone with blurry, short recordings but the new gadget that lets you video chat with people in Hi-def on your TV screen? I shudder to think about it!


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