Monday, January 10, 2011

My Ring Project.

I've always been a jewelry girl, thanks to my Grandma. Every time I spent the night at her house, she would pull out a hat box full of jewelry. And every time, the contents were different: from thrift stores, garage sales, or from her own personal collection. I would get a Ziploc baggie and take it home filled the next day. I loved picking out necklaces, bracelets and pins...but my favorite were always rings. I would snatch them all up, even if they barely fit. I needed them in all shapes and colors and sizes.

Just the other day, my boyfriend and I were at the mall when I picked out a huge, tacky ring at the Dollar Store (pictured on the right side.) It wasn't anything like any of my other rings, and that's precisely why I picked it out. For $1.49, it was the perfect addition to my collection. Afterward, we started talking about all of my rings. That's when I lightheartedly said I would have the largest collection of rings before I died. 1,000 before I turned 50. Then I'd keep going. That seemed easy enough, right? I was only joking, but now I'm thinking about taking this seriously. My own Ring Project.

Right now I only have about 30-40. So I guess I've got a long way to go. But hey...who knows what could happen?

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violet said...

Good luck with that! Haha, it's so awesome! Collecting :)


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