Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is Who I Am: The Question Game

Here's the second half of the twenty questions Melissa sent me. Let me know what you think and I'll be posting Scott's questions to me at a later date!

11. MB: What is your happiest memory as a child?
JH: I have so many happy memories with my little sister; we were always pretending to be someone, playing 'house,' or running our own store or restaurant. Even though we are seven years apart, I like to think that she kept my imagination going and I helped hers grow. We always had something to play and something to do with each other, and thinking about it still makes me happy to this day.

12. MB: What would you like to say to your younger self?
JH: If I could go back to fifth grade, I would warn myself about all the perils that comes with boys...especially certain boy(s.) I wouldn't want to scare myself out of anything, but I'd want to make sure that I knew that I'd be facing a lot of drama and a lot of heartbreak. I'd like to tell myself that nice guys aren't as bad as they seem and I've got a lot ahead of me: good and bad. I'd want myself to know that even when times are tough, I'm going to learn something from it and carry it with me the rest of my life.

13. MB: What's your dream vacation?
JH: I would love to take a European vacation; I've never left the states. I'd love to check out my heritage in Germany, see the sights in Paris, and check out the music scene in London. There's so much in the world that I want to experience, and I'm scared I'll never actually get the chance.

14. MB: You work at a theater, so a natural question...what's your favorite movie?
JH: Yay! Well, although I haven't seen 'a lot' of movies, I tend to have a few favorites and watch them over and over again. My favorites are PRETTY IN PINK (Molly Ringwald!) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Disney!) and DIRTY DANCING (Swayze Crazy!) I could name ten more, but these are the three I couldn't live without.

15. MB: What is one thing you'd like to say to your generation?
JH: Hey guys. We've got a lot that's been handed down to us: war, debt, hate, inequality...We have to do something about it or we'll just pass it on to the next generation. If you wanna make something out of yourself, this is the best time to shine.

16. MB: Are you making new year's resolutions this year?
JH: Well, I told myself I was going to give up soda on January 1st... that hasn't happened yet. I think if I had to give it up I'd be even more of a crazy mess on newspaper deadline days! But, I'm trying to not bottle so much up in my brain and tell people how I really feel. I know I do that on my blog but I've got to start doing it more in my life or I may go crazy.

17. MB: Coke or Pepsi?
JH: PEPSI! Although I'm not too picky.

18. MB: What's your idea of a perfect date?
JH: Start the day off by seeing a late matinee movie, going out to dinner then sitting in a car listening to music on the radio (guessing all the songs!) and talking while looking at the stars. :)

19. MB: What do you hope to accomplish next semester as the newspaper's editor-in-chief?
JH: I want to be a more effective leader. I want to communicate better and hopefully help the staff grow as a group and as individuals. I want to help them find something they are passionate about and support them and help them see it through. I want to be a friend, supporter and authority leader. I want to create a paper that the college has never seen before. I want it all to make a difference.

20. MB: How do you feel about temptation now?
JH: I realize that temptation is present in all walks of life. I realize that it's always going to be there. But I realize that there's different ways to deal with it, and the most beautiful way is writing. Life can suck, but it sure makes a hell of a story :)

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Molly said...

Oh my gosh! I tried to give up soda too, but it failed a few minutes after midnight - too funny! :P


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