Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Totally Awesome Boy. Part Eighteen

Laying in bed, my stomach dropped. If there was ever the sensation of butterflies in the stomach, this surely wasn't it. This was more like Big Bird was jumping around in there. My first instinct was to turn off my phone, close my eyes and attempt to pretend that I had never received the text message. Then probably never talk to him again. Why? Because that's how I've always been...for some reason.

But I let it simmer for a moment. I thought about him. I thought about how far we'd come, and how the only thing that was ruining it was me backing out. I thought about how sweet he was to me. How that night we had sat in his car in my driveway, listening to Blink 182's Greatest Hits on loop, with the scent of Stetson Black in the air. How I'd carefully rested my head on him, closed my eyes and let the music pound through my head. I thought about how safe I felt. How..content I was. He really wanted to kiss me tonight? Then I thought about the creepy note he wrote about me on Facebook.

photo via (we heart it)


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UjjwalRaaj said...


This makes me want to go back to Blink 182 again. aah happy times.


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