Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Totally Awesome Boy. Part Nineteen

Surprisingly enough, I didn't turn off my phone. I didn't ignore the text. Instead, I sat straight up in bed, took a moment to breathe, then sent back a reply.

"I wanted you to too."

Then I turned off my phone and attempted to sleep.

I couldn't believe I had done it. I couldn't believe that I had let myself even consider the fact that I could be falling for someone. I couldn't believe I was truly letting someone in for the first time, well, ever.

But I thought of all the ways he let me in. I thought of how vulnerable he seemed, and the fact that he seemed like he could wait forever for me to decide. That I wasn't just the "flavor of the week" and he wouldn't move on to the next one if I said I wasn't interested.

Maybe he was worth it.

The next morning I woke up, turned on my phone and saw that he had replied with a smiley face and a "sweet dreams."

I smiled, and went on with my day. We were both busy, so we didn't see each other the entire day. Which was probably for the best, because quite frankly I was a nervous wreck.

However, that night he asked me if I would like to go on a double date the next night. Go out with him, his best friend and her boyfriend?


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Lydia said...

My best friend in high school was a guy, so I like that the totally awesome boy knows how to be best friends with a girl. It would be an interesting double date. You can probably discover a lot about him in his interactions with them and the ways he brings you into the core of his world.


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