Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Totally Awesome Boy. Part Sixteen

Now, I can honestly admit that I don't remember what happened in that movie. I couldn't tell you what it was about. I certainly wasn't thinking about the guy sitting next to me holding my hand. I was thinking of someone out in the hall. It was the wrong circumstances, but for the first time I could picture myself with him. I wanted HIM to be the one holding my hand, not this guy.

After a less than great date that night (which included cigarette smoke in my face, him asking me to a party and driving me home way too fast) I realized something. I had spent the entire night thinking about him, but I hadn't talked to him for weeks. I did something that night that changed everything.

I texted him. It was late at night. I told him that I had gone on a 'date' that night and it was terrible. I told him the guy grabbed my hand and he turned out to be everything I didn't want. I told him I was sorry for everything. I told him that I thought of him the entire night. I asked him if we could try again.

I asked if he would go to a movie with me.

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shaharazah said...

wow...for that to be just a couple of paragraphs you said so much and you really described the type of girl that you wanted to take a risk and see if maybe something different would do the trick. it didn't, but you were mature enough to admit your wrongs, and in love enough to tell him how much of a difference he makes in your life.


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