Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Totally Awesome Boy. Part Twenty

I said yes.

That night he picked me up and we made awkward small talk as we drove to the theater. I was nervous to meet his friends, but even more nervous at the fact that we both knew we wanted to kiss each other. I couldn't handle the tension.

So I sat in the movie like a statue. When the movie was over, we said goodbye to his friends but he walked very slowly to his car. We drove around for a while, and eventually he went to put gas in the car. It may have just been the butterflies in the stomach, but it felt like this was taking forever. What was he up to?


My phone vibrated in my pocket as I sat in the car and waited as he filled the gas tank at the pump. I was so nervous I jumped at the sound. I looked outside, saw him staring off into space, and pulled my phone out. It was my friend Kelli, someone we both worked with.

"Have you kissed him yet?"

"NO" I replied.

"F****** KISS HIM ALREADY" She seemed to scream back. I couldn't handle the pressure. With shaky hands, I jammed the phone back into my pocket. This was way too intense.

I was startled when he opened the car door and got in. "What's up?" He asked.

"Nothing," I said. He continued to drive around without having much to say. Was he really stalling, or what was going on?

We eventually pulled up into my driveway. We sat there, talking awkwardly back and forth like it was our first date. But to be honest, it had almost been two months since our first date. But since then, I'd ignored him, felt ten different ways with him and saw way too many movies with him. Wringing his hands, he finally said something.

"Oh! There was something I wanted to show you. I guess it's kind of a gift for you."

I got nervous.

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Chio said...

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Siobhan said...

Kak even I got nervous hey!!! Wow! Hectic!


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