Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hey Kenneth Cole.

Dear Kenneth Cole,

I've heard of you. I know that you're in the clothing industry. Other than that, my knowledge of you is very limited. But today, you posted a Tweet heard round the world, and all I can say is....Hey. Let's try to not be dumb.

I realize that you may have thought this was a good idea. Sure, putting "Cairo" after a hash-tag on Twitter is going to get a decent amount of attention. But if you're Kenneth Cole, with almost ten thousand followers, you wouldn't think you would need to stoop this low.

I wouldn't know.

I saw that you've already posted an apology. You believe your humor toward the subject was "poorly timed." Yet would it ever have been a good time for something like this? I don't care if you've dedicated your life to "raising awareness about social issues." One little thing like this can erase years of good, wholesome work. Or as my dad would say, "say it, forget it; write it, regret it."

Best of luck with this one. I thought for sure at first that this was the mistake of an intern or some PR person having a bad day. But it turns out only someone of your stature can make a mistake of such stature.

Good luck. The uproar looks a little different now.

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Sara said...

Love your dad's saying, and I may have to borrow that one! :)


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