Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stop hiding behind your computer!

College students feel the need to express themselves. As a blogger, I know this fact just as well as anyone else. I believe that a college student is at a point in her life where she is trying to figure out who she is....she's trying to define herself as a person. But is our use of technology ruining that?

Whether you're on MySpace or Facebook, your life is on parade for those you deem "friends." You can go to Rate My Professors and figure out which teachers are easier than others. It's obvious that the web is helpful to a point, but then for some reason everything needs to be taken a step further. Why not "check in" everywhere you go so everyone on Facebook knows you're at Burger King for the third time this week? Forget about having standards for your professors, but rather check their hotness rating on RMP - check out how hot they'll be to look at. You're golden if they have an animated chili pepper next to their name.

On the other side of the spectrum, we're also becoming obsessed with anonymity. Formspring allows us to ask questions of people we think we know. We can also do it without our name attached. We can ask vile, dirty and downright mean questions. We're done with telling people anything to their faces. Much like anonymous blog commenters, we're hiding behind our glowing computer screens, and we're typing without thinking. Whatever happened to "treat others like you want to be treated?" I remember that being the Golden Rule in my second grade classroom. But then again, maybe we enjoy the attention and "confrontation," good or bad.

But I think it's time to grow up.

To be continued...

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Anthony Hodgson said...

Good read as always. Have to agree having a blog myself that the comments I want to read are those where people have the courage to stand behind what they have to say. Good or bad I don't mind. What annoys me are the no name comments. If you can't put a name to your comment then you obviously don't belive in what you are saying. Manners as always cost nothing.

Shinqua Jackson said...

Yo i feel ya on that one girl!


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