Tuesday, February 08, 2011

TGFO: Thank God Football's Over.

Finally, it's done. Finally, I can go to my Facebook News Feed without keeping one eye closed in fear; scanning for mentions of Packers, Steelers, or most of all: Bears. Finally, the talk is done. No more macho Packers v. Bears ranting and arguing, no more Packers v. Steelers talk.

By now, most of the glory the Packers fans here in Chicagoland have (though they are few and far between) is gone. They've let it go. They've stopped saying "we won."
Wait, you won? I didn't see you out on the field (not that I was watching.) I didn't know that you were an honorary member of the team.

Hell, I can do that too. I'll start calling myself a Packers fan today; I'll go buy a pink, feminine version of a Packers jersey and start shoving it Bears fans' (there are so many here) faces. See, it's
that easy to take pride in something like sports. I don't even have to know anything about the team or the sport or the game. I can just show that I enjoy it. Then I'll change my mind. Next season I'll devote myself to the winning team again and say "we won! WE are the best."

Sports are so silly to me. I don't understand the hype. I understand that it's enjoyable (for some reason) and it's something to do. But don't take it so damn personal. Maybe my place of residence is the reason I loathe sports, especially football.

Bears fans are terrible. Some days it gets so bad that I want to abandon the state. Can't we learn to grow up, be a little more professional in our enjoyment of the game, and get over ourselves? Honestly. It's just a glorified game. I am sick of hearing about them on Facebook (seriously, updating your status on the condition of the game, every five minutes?) seeing people come into my work wearing jerseys, (you're not on the team!) and the silly smack talk between Packers fans and Bears fans. It's immature, revolting, and annoying. Bears fans seem to be overly confident, and downright rude. I don't get it. I'll admit to knowing nothing about sports, but I didn't think they were that good of a team to be so stuck-up about it...

TGFO. Thank God Football's Over.


Shannon said...

I didn't watch it, either. After the Super Bowl I logged in to Facebook only to discover that all my "friends" were showing their devotion to Jarrett Bush (of the Packers) because he had apparently grown up in my hometown and went to my high school. I later found out my bro knew him. Oh well, I still don't regret not watching the Super Bowl.

Scott C. said...

I agree with you on many levels Jessi. Sports fans, especially Bears fans are completely incompetent when it comes to making clear-cut, rational points when it comes to the game because they are what we call...meatballs. They are incoherent retards that hate a team or a player only "just because." Sox/Cubs rivalry is also the same. I love to play the "rivalry" card but enough is enough.

But here is the deal...

As a sports fan, the Bears/Packers NFC Championship game that happened a few weeks ago may be the biggest single sporting event that will happen in Chicago during our lifetime. This one game culminated after a storied season for each team and true fans recognize this. I am usually not for Bears/Packers sh*t talk during the regular season, but this game was a HUGE deal given the circumstances and, for this one, even coherent fans were allowed to become giddy kids once again.

Yes, some people cross the line and for that I hate them. But for TRUE fans this game had an epic build up worth the hype, worth the attention, and worth the bragging rights.

TexasGirl said...

Okay, I'll admit some people don't know when to quit. But personally, I love watching football--though I lean towards college football rather than NFL. But the thing is, it's fun. I've grown up the daughter of an Aggie and can't imagine not rooting for the football team every fall. Next year, I'll do the same for whichever college I attend.

The true fans are not bandwagon fans and while I know some fans get a little crazy, I think there's a lot to be said for laid back tailgating, and cheering on your team. Win or lose, it's a good time. Just hanging with friends, mingling, and watching the game. Football is more than the game, it also brings people together.

That's been my experience anyway...

Samantha said...

It's funny; I just recently wrote a post describing my change of heart about football. A good journalist, checks out both sides of the story, right?

Anonymous said...

As I read this, I made a few observations that I would like to point out.

The antifootball stance you are taking and the berating of football fans is not all that different from Packers vs Bears.

Regarding jerseys, the same thing can be said about brands, bands or anything really. I mean, why would anyone wear a brand name shirt with the brand clearly labeled/advertised on the front (or wherever is trendy, in some cases)? They aren't a part of that company, they simply enjoy the product. People are not a part of the band KISS nor are they backup dancers for Justin Bieber yet they show their support anyhow.

I know that your blog is not a forum for debate and I don't intend to debate. I wish to only express my concerns that I had while reading your article.

violet said...

LOL!!!! I LOVE this photo of yours! :D


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