Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Will You Be Mine? Bradley & John

This week in light of Valentine's Day on Monday, I'll be posting my dream celebrity Valentine's dates. Here's two for today; who are yours?

Bradley Cooper
Oh Brad. He's so dreamy. I could spend a candlelit dinner just looking into those eyes...Heck, I don't even need a fancy dinner by candle light! Just come sit by me and we'll talk!

John Cusack
Maybe on Valentine's Day, the eighties version of him would be standing outside my bedroom window with a boom box over his head. Or maybe today, he'd be holding an iPod dock. Either way, I want the cynical John Cusack. The one who would be a mess if we ever broke up...that is, if he happened to own a record shop. I would love spending my Valentine's Day with him chronicling our life through music.

Sneak peek:
James & Ashton


Rebecca Armstrong said...

I love Bradley Cooper :)

Ashton King said...

I love Bradley Cooper!

I think a date with James McAvoy would be amazing... but not as his character from Wanted. I'd rather have him as the real-life Mr. Darcy from Becoming Jane.

Melissa Scanlon said...

Very Cute Idea! :) And very cute boys!!!!


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