Thursday, February 10, 2011

Will You Be Mine? James & Ashton

This week in light of Valentine's Day on Monday, I'll be posting my dream celebrity Valentine's dates. Here's two for today; who are yours?

James Franco
I picture us doing something intellectual or astounding together on a Valentine's date. Sipping coffee (yuck!) while he reads sonnets, or watching the moon and the stars. Plus, considering my Spiderman obsession, I'm sure "Harry" and I would have plenty to talk about. When we weren't discussing deep matters of life, that is.

Ashton Kutcher

A date with Ashton would be the complete opposite of a date with James, but it would be just as rewarding. (Sorry Demi!) A date with this funny guy could only be a blast -- I imagine many crazy, unplanned over-the-top moments. But if anything would go wrong, I'd ask if I could call him Kelso and that would make everything alright.

Sneak Peek:
Justin & Matt

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Levonne said... dates with celebrities. I suppose I would have to choose Richard Gere and Nicholas Cage. But I'm afraid that my husband John would insist on going along! LOL


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