Friday, February 11, 2011

Will You Be Mine? Justin & Matt

This week in light of Valentine's Day on Monday, I'll be posting my dream celebrity Valentine's dates. Here's the last two; who are yours?

Justin Timberlake
Two words: serenade me. Would that be too much to ask on Valentine's Day, even if it was our first date? I'd love for him to croon to me, anything at all -- even if the song was written about someone else, like Britney Spears. I'd enjoy his company just the same. Maybe he wouldn't mind if I sang along, either...just like I do in the shower. "Cry me a riiiiiiiiiver..."

Matt Damon
I've had a crush on this man since I don't know when. I'm not even entirely sure what it is. I've seen the Bourne movies, but other than that...not much to report. I'll be honest, this will be the most shallow date I'll have ever been on -- I'd spend Valentine's Day with him just staring at him in amazement. Thankfully, I won't be spending the day with him, but rather my boyfriend, who's a little more used to my staring in amazement ;) Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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