Friday, March 04, 2011

Get over yourself so you can get to know yourself.

I'm sick of empty promises. I'm tired of excuses. But more than anything, I'm sick of people I care about getting in the way of themselves.

Through empty promises and excuses, nothing is getting done. Instead of shooting for the moon or even just attempting to do something, people insist on feeling sorry for themselves. Quite frankly I've had enough.

I can't keep caring about you if you don't care about yourself. It's exhausting. It also scares me. If you don't concern yourself with yourself, why am I putting forth all this effort? It's like I'm looking out for you...but I'm doing it for the both of us. There's something not right with that.

I'm sick of people drawing on the past. Well, this happened to me before and that's why I'm the way I am. I'm human and from time to time I find myself drawing some sort of "conclusions." I find myself thinking things like "maybe I'm so honest because I've been lied to so many times."

Haha. Yeah right.

Can we grow up and get over ourselves? Stop focusing on what happened to you to make your life suck and start thinking about what you can do to make your life rock. It's not that hard. If you think something is going wrong in your life, instead of trying to pinpoint what made it happen, try changing it. It can only benefit you, and everyone around you.

Cause we're sick of caring too much. If you don't care about yourself, why should we? Because we love you. We don't want to see you get hurt. But you're the one hurting yourself. You're the one who refuses to move on. You're the one stuck in the past and not changing for the better. You're the one refusing to admit that you've done wrong. You're the one who won't make things better. We're done putting forth all this effort to help you when you don't want to do anything about it.

You're stuck in the past. And if you stay there, you may open up your eyes one day and realize everyone is gone.

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Anthony Hodgson said...

Spot on if people can't help themselves then they dont deserve to be helped by us. Well said mate.

Lydia said...

This is brilliant, Jessi. There aren't many things sadder than someone who lives in the past, and as decades pass they become pitiful. The friends you are speaking to and about here really don't want to wind up like some of my old classmates at reunions years later wishing they could go back to when they were this-or-that or with-her or with-him. They really do not! If they take your words to heart they can avoid being stuck.

Not long ago my husband brought out one of his yearbooks and I moved on to some other thing of interest to me. He became a bit agitated and asked why I don't ever like to look at old yearbooks. It was a good question and my reply was basically that it is all in the past, been there-done that, and to be honest it rather depresses me to look at them. I am in touch with a bunch of my friends from high school and college via Facebook and it is so much more vital and real to be involved in our current lives -- and current events -- than in rehashing the past. Sure, memories are bound to come into play but they do not dominate, and instead, they illuminate the present...

Anonymous said...

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John Watson said...

The past haunts us, the future scares us and so the present eludes us.

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