Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Make Lexi start a blog!

Lexi is my managing editor at the Kaleidoscope. Every other week, she posts an editorial right next to mine! She's a great writer and has a true passion for it. As much as Melissa and I try to persuade her to start a blog of her own, she's being quite stubborn. I'm here to ask you guys to help me convince Lexi to start a blog of her own!

Here's one of her editorials to convince you of what I already know...she needs to start a blog!

Hi. Let’s talk about kidney stones. The most terrible little demons in all existence.

My first conversation about kidney stones happened when I was a freshman in high school. I remember sitting next to this girl in Spanish class, and overhearing her talking to her friend about her experience. She said something like, “It was the worst pain I had ever felt. I can’t even describe it. All I did was cry.” I remember thinking to myself, “Jeesh, that’s gotta suck. Do they really hurt that bad?” Of course, this is as far as my curiosity went. I figured, it had to be rare for you to get them when you were young. Thus, they were nothing for me to worry about.

Oh, how I was such a foolish teenager.

Three years later, I woke up at five in the morning to this searing pain in my side. I screamed and started writhing on my bed, completely convinced that I was about to split open. Of course, this startled my poor parents out of sleep. I was rushed to the hospital and the whole way there, I struggled against waves of agony. All I can say is – worst pain of my life. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t breathe. Heck I couldn’t even text my boyfriend. Know what I could do? Cry. That was about it. Can you say, gran sporesa? I wish I could have rewound time and got some advice from that chick in Spanish class.

Long story short, they took an X-Ray and found the little devil. After waiting for almost two weeks, it didn’t pass. We went back and that’s when I found out that my “little devil” wasn’t exactly so little. It was a full blown monster. It was stuck inside me and they had to go in and surgically remove it with lasers. Yup. They blew it up. Hasta la vista, baby.

Once again, I was na├»ve and thought that I was safe for a few years. But guess what? Two years later the magical stone returns. Only this time it decided not to come alone – apparently, three more are just chilling inside me and are waiting to pass. Persistent little things.

Kidney stones are kind of like bumps in our road. The pain is insufferable. And sometimes, like them, we get stuck. Sometimes we feel like we can’t move on. So when you go through such a time, count your blessings. As Adam Young said about his own experience with kidney stones: "This too shall pass."

What do you guys think is the most rewarding aspect of blogging? Let's get Lexi on Blogspot!


Anthony Hodgson said...

Write a blog your a natural

Rodney said...

I have to say if you have a passion for writing, then blogging is an amazing tool and experience to have. With a blog, you can give your unadulterated, uncensored opinion about anything your heart desires. It's a rush when the idea finally kicks in. You can post for public consumption & review topics that no newspaper in the world would be able to.

It can be just pure stream of consciousness. Like the best form of therapy without the huge bill! Writing a blog is awesome, and I highly recommend it!

sam said...

She definitely should start writing a blog of some sort, if she has the passion for it.

I enjoy blogging, even if I'm not the best at it.

Marie said...

this is great I love the writing.


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