Thursday, March 31, 2011

My High School-Football Playin'-AC/DC-Lovin' Man.

I was doing my regular crawling around Facebook the other day when I stumbled across my first "boyfriend"'s page.

If you've ever had a "boyfriend" like this one, then you know exactly why it has the honor of being in quotation marks.

It was freshman year and the orange and yellow leaves were falling from the trees. I was so over middle school...that was so long ago! Now that I was at the high school, I could walk home instead of racing to catch the bus after school. I'd stand around with my best friend and (her) group of guy friends...I'll never forget the first day. I stood around talking to my friends for so long that I got home way too late. I recall a lovely conversation with my mother. From then on I stayed fairly long at school, but never again as long as I did that day.
After a few weeks of standing around talking about nothing, one guy and I started to click. His name was Louie*.

Louie and I had a lot more in common than I even had with my best friend. But the thing that brought us closer was our taste in music. When the other conversations revolved around my best friend, Louie and I started talking about AC/DC. Or Guns N Roses. Or something of that sort. We could talk for hours, and we did.

As soon as I got my first cellphone a few months later, we were texting nonstop. He would go to his friends' to have a "jam session" with his "band" but it wouldn't stop him from talking to me. I'll never forget the late night he called me from a jam and told me he wanted me to hear something. He put his phone in the middle of the room and they played a song for me. I couldn't get rid of the butterflies in my stomach for the rest of the night and didn't sleep a wink.

We "dated" for a month or two, only hanging out at football games and after class out in front of the school. There was one time he hugged me and kissed the top of my head before I started walking home...only to have an upperclassman walk by and yell sarcastically, "awww how cuuuuute."
Everything seemed to be going well. At football games I'd cheer him on as he played with the freshman team. When varsity played, we sat next to each other with at least six inches of space in-between us, but I felt proud to be sitting next to someone wearing a football jersey. Plus, when we weren't watching the game we were always talking about music that happened before we were even born.

"So, Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?" I'd tease.
"Bon Scott!" He'd exclaim, without hesitation.
"No way, definitely Brian Johnson," I argued.
"Nu-uh. No way. You are not my girlfriend."
"Come on. Who would we be without songs like 'You Shook Me all Night Long' and 'Back in Black'?!" I retorted.

Then one day... I started piecing together the jacket.

My grandmother bought me a jean jacket and I started hunting down patches. Aerosmith, AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Blondie, Jimi Hendrix...I found patches near and far. My mother sewed them all over the jacket. When it was finished, I was literally shaking with excitement. When I wore it to school for the first time, there was one guy who noticed.

It was the only guy who mattered.

Louie was even more ecstatic than I was, if that's even possible. We took turns wearing it at the football games, and he proudly boasted to people that it was his girlfriend's.We would sit with no space in-between us to breathe. We kept each other warm, and if he was feeling adventurous that day, he'd put his arm around me.We were flying high on Cloud Number 9.

But the leaves were falling from the trees, football was wrapping up. When it was over, we only saw each other after class at his locker. The passion had fizzled, to say the least. I was losing interest and so was he.

Then one night I received a text that it was over. My first time being dumped and I shrugged it off. I washed my jacket to get rid of his vibe and it was over like that. A few weeks later he was dating my best friend. C'est la vie, am I right?

It was nice, but the jean jacket with patches is nicer. I still wear it to this day, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Just like I wouldn't trade the cheesy days of my childhood for anything. If Louie taught me anything, it's that having common musical taste is a must and easy to find, but not everything a relationship should be based on. Just like liking someone because they wear a football jersey to school on game days. Finding a guy with a pair of non-wandering eyes is a little harder to do but so much more worth it. I also found out that I don't dig jocks as much as I thought I did, even though he wasn't that great anyway ;)

*Name changed to protect the innocent.

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