Wednesday, March 02, 2011

To all the women in the world who provoke men… Don’t.

Disclaimer: This post was written by my boyfriend (This Totally Awesome Boy.) Check out what he has to say about the way women present themselves in the good ol' argument....

Sometimes when we are in a heated discussion and we (men) say something wrong, you (women) jump at the opportunity to show us that we did something wrong. Rather than letting it go through the conversation you always go back and nitpick at it, bringing it back up and making us feel even worse about it which generally makes us madder.

We, with our tempers will always blow up, it doesn’t matter if we have been married for forty years or if we have been dating for a year, our tempers make it very hard to control what we say and what we know we are actually thinking. If we ever get to the point where our face is beginning to turn red and our voice is starting to get louder and louder, back off. It doesn’t matter if you think or even know if you are right, we may know it too, but it is usually the way that you are presenting it to us that makes us mad. Chances are that if the guy is as in love with you as he says he is, then when you give him time to settle down and take a breath, he will admit that it was his wrong doing, or at least be less heated during the discussion that is ensuing.

There are little things in life that make guys upset that probably shouldn’t but they do, that’s the shallowness coming out. It shouldn’t be like that, but that is the way that guys tend to react. When something bothers us, and we do get mad don’t keep provoking us, we didn’t like that way it happened the first time for a reason. We are sorry that we heat up over things, but we can’t always “help it,” whether you say it is an excuse or not, it’s the truth. Call it our monthly visit… The only difference between ours is that we don’t have the experience around the same time every month, ours has a lot to do with stress, and we look for you to help us, not provoke us and cause us to get angry in our own house.

Guys are asking women out there to lay off the provoking in our relationships. We look to the one we love to help us through life, sort of like how we help you all through life. We don’t always want you to be there leaning on us, or acting like the whole world is falling down around us, but we know we will always be there to support you females, so do all of us men a favor and be there to support us without provoking us, and making us get mad the way we know we do it, and the way us men all try very hard to hide and not let escape.

On behalf of the men in the world, I want to say sorry. We love you, that is what matters the most in our relationships. We Love You!

This Totally Awesome Boy

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James Smith said...

I'm with this. Everybody says things they don't mean in the heat of the moment. That doesn't mean we shouldn't be held accountable for what we say, but its just as important to have a really honest conversation where both people can express themselves without worrying it will be used against them.

Anthony Hodgson said...

Agreed if you provoke someone when they are angry then keep prodding at them you will get the response you do. To then use this against them is morally wrong. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, if you provoke someone to get a reaction then don't moan about the reaction you get.


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