Thursday, March 10, 2011

Types of Friends to Avoid at All Costs. A 10th Grade Essay.

Going throughout life, it is crucial to meet and make friends. These are generally people who are a joy to be around, are entertaining and are easy to connect with. They can be helpful with solving problems or just being there for you. But sometimes, there are people who should be avoided at all costs. They hurt more than they help, cause pain or are a waste of time. One must differentiate between the good and the bad, and this is a mini guide to three main types of friends people may face in their lifetime, especially during the turbulent high school years.

The Emo
This is a friend who will call in the middle of the night, as they babble incoherently about, well, nothing. It is possible to be sympathetic at first, offering advice or a helping hand as they venture through a tough time. Then there is the miraculous realization that their dramatic, nervous breakdowns in the school hallway happen once a week. This is a tough situation to deal with, because many feel guilt walking away from a relationship like this. But if the person isn't taking advice as is just crying for attention and doesn't care about your needs, they can bring a person down.

Whether they are stealing a significant other or not, I believe that everyone has experienced backstabbing to some degree in their life. It's just the way life goes. These friends can be pretty hard to pick out though. They may be elementary school acquaintances or a recently acquired friend. These people are almost entirely unavoidable unless they have had a reputation of being a backstabber in the past. When it comes to boyfriend/girlfriend takers, there are entire cliques built on the foundation of dating each other. But some people just don't think that is right. So maybe the best bet would be to figure out their views beforehand. There are different ways to recoup after a backstabbing, one being to forgive and forget. The impact of the backstabbing can determine if this is the right path to take, because sometimes forgiving just isn't possible, and walking away from the entire relationship is all that works. The loss of a friend might hurt, but the outcome will be better in the end and you won't get walked all over anymore.

he Moocher
Enough said. This person always appears to be in need of something, anything! And you may be left feeling used, which isn't a feeling a friend should provide. In high school, some simple examples are rides to football games, rides, or anything else. Sure, at first it may not seem like enough to drop a friend over, but if it becomes consistent it can become annoying. Being helpful all the time is part of being a friend, but where are they when you need them the most? This is something to think about when looking at a friend.

Overall, friendships change and travel stormy seas throughout the school years.
One has to be tough to get through it the right way. Be friends with those who are kind and considerate. Think about how they treat you, and if they are worth dragging along for the ride.


Erica said...

ooh, I've had friends like those mentioned. The old adgae "With friends like that, who needs enemies?" comes to mind.

The Blue Periwinkle said...

iLike! :P

resume for data entry clerk said...

They are stealing a significant other or not, I believe that everyone in your life experience some backstabbing. It's just the way life goes. These friends can be very difficult, however, can take out. They recently received primary school acquaintances or friends could be. They are almost completely unavoidable unless they have had a reputation of being the backstabber in the past. When the boyfriend / girlfriend comes to the buyer, there is built on the foundation of all clicks are dating each other. But some people just do not think is right. So probably the best bet would be to figure out their thoughts before. There are different ways a backstabbing, forgive and forget for a being to recoup after. Backstabbing is the effect it has on the right path, because sometimes sorry just is not possible to determine, and walk away from the relationship that works.


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