Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cowards, Anons, and that thing we call the Internet.

I am going to slice you wide open, Formspring.
I am going to punch you in the neck, Facebook.
I'm going to throw you out the window, Twitter.

And yet...I can't leave you alone.

If there's ever been a definition of a love/hate relationship, it's me and social networking. I used to toy around on Formspring, I love doing the news feed scroll on Facebook, and Twitter is how I organize my news.

Formspring is the perfect outlet for cowards. These cowards read something of mine that -gasp!- they can relate to. Good or bad. Then they start to pick me apart for picking apart their lifestyle, even though I was never personally attacking them. They find my Formspring and...unleash. It's immature and frustrating. I deleted my Formspring because of the immaturity and behind the anonymity...and I never got any questions of value. Just like anonymous blog commenters, I don't know who they are. But they get nasty, then don't understand why I don't want to respond. Why are we attacking me anonymously? Because the Internet is for cowards.

And yet, here I am. "Foraging" on the blogging world. Typing my words that sometimes I don't have the guts to say out loud. Who am I to talk? Well. There's a few differences between myself and anonymous, picture-less commenters.

I post my name here. I post a picture. And I'm completely honest. That alone makes me so much stronger than the anons. Here I am baring my soul, and I'm wide open for attack. But at least I put a face and name to everything. I wont hide behind my computer screen. You will always know me and what I stand for. You will always know who I am. That is my promise to you, readers. I will always be here for you, showing you my true colors, whether you like them or not.

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Anonymous said...

Internet was founded on the idea of anonymity which many people find comforting. The idea that you can exist in a place and converse with others without having to be subjected to by the stigmas of modern social ideals is liberating for many. People who come from places where speaking out with a name to their thoughts could lead to serious punishment.

Sure with the good there will come the bad but just being anonymous doesn't make someone inherently bad.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

@Anonymous: Not bad, just cowardly... Why be anonymous? There is a thing called tact and if the 'anonymous' can't find a way to say something in a non hurtful way then they should not post it at all... Remember that saying" if u can't say something nice...." and I am not saying one has to be all roses, just be grownup and not stoop to an all time low and be crass...
You have been able to be adult in your comment and she is just asking the same of others...

Anthony Hodgson said...

Jessi recently I've had someone regular leave nasty vile comments on my blog. I delete them but I don't check it every day, they never leave a name so if you can't put a name to what you have to say don't bother saying it. If you believe in your comment enough to say something then stand by it by using your name if not don't day it at all, simple really.

Sunny Insomniac said...

Hey Bestie,
Great venting post. Short, not so sweet, and to the point. It is true that anonymity isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And any amount of honesty on your part isn't going to make those haters respond in a like manner. Because their whole way of functioning revovles around staying behind their curtain. Sort of like the great and powerful oz. Once Dorothy found the real guy, he wasn't so scary and powerful anymore. So...anonymity equals power. Not that that's always bad, but power is always hard to give up. And the anonymous commenter above of course has a point, but you were specifically calling out those who abuse their position to attack others.
Keep writing, try not to take attacks personally, and remember WHO matters in your life. Not people who tear you down, not malicious cyber bullies, and certainly not people who won't do it to your face.


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