Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Late Night Thought: Fueled by Jerks.

People are fueled by other people. That's all there is to it.

Take, for instance, this girl I know. Put her with a group of people and she becomes a bitch. She's utterly stuck up, will purposely pick on others and leave others out of conversations. She basks in the glow of a group she is with. She openly despises me at this moment in time.

But take the group away...and she's defenseless. She doesn't say a word, she keeps to herself, and tries to be friendly toward me. Maybe even pays attention to me.

It's like her fan base fuels her, and without that she is nothing.

Isn't it sad how these people work?

The End. :)

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Jon said...

Hey Jessi,

Don't let the vipers get you down. I know some people who attack me constantly I just let it roll off.

Things have a way of coming full circle, people who downgrade others do it only b/c they want to exalt themselves.


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