Friday, May 20, 2011

An Open Letter to Beyonce

Oh Beyonce. I've admired you for so long. In the early days of Destiny's Child (when there were four children of destiny, not three) I was a fan of you. When you were singing about how you are a survivor, I was singing right along with you. As long as you've been present in my life, I have looked up to you and I have adored you. You're a diva without being too much of a diva, you're strong, you're determined, you're simply talented. You're stunning and powerful, but graceful at the same time. Plus, it also helps that you're married to my favorite rapper.

But the other day, your Facebook page put up a photo in my News Feed that confused me. When I saw the picture I pretty much gasped on the inside. Beyonce is doing something with Britney Spears?! I became instantly giddy. But I couldn't be more wrong. This tiny thumbnail of a photo that I saw was not a picture of Madam Spears. Nope.

It was you.

I've loved you and your music for so long, but you never look....consistent in any picture. More likely than not, it's not your fault. I realize that magazines shed pounds off of people, accidentally remove important body features, and simply change things to make the person seem more perfect. To make normal people want to run and cry. But you? You're beautiful. But somehow you are becoming more and more white everyday. And it's scary.

I honestly wouldn't know how much control you have over something like this, or maybe this is something you approve of? But as a woman with as much power and control as you have, you would think you could do something about this, if this is something that has been happening without your approval. After all, why on earth would you want your skin tone to be changing this dramatically? Sorry for the poor comparison, but you are not Michael Jackson. You are Ms. Beyonce Knowles, that's who I've always seen you as, and you are this Beyonce.

That's the Beyonce I know and love. So when will that one be back?

I'll be waiting.



arcelfrozenyogurt said...

Uhm, jsyk, Michael Jackson had a skin disease called vitiligo. He didn't want to become white. It was his condition that turned him into one.

FabulousWriter said...

Great Post


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