Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sayonara, Xbox.

My boyfriend wasn't always a player.

A video game player, that is.

I thought the end had really come this weekend, but not because of the rapture. My boyfriend announced that he was selling his Xbox.

As his girlfriend, I was ecstatic to hear the news. As a girl, I was confused. Why would my boyfriend want to sell his Xbox?

Let me give you a little background. When I first met my boyfriend, a.k.a. This Totally Awesome Boy, he didn't even own a gaming console. He only played on occasion when he went to a friend's house, and that was totally fine with me. It was refreshing. I had found a guy who wasn't already in a serious relationship with an Xbox.

But then a few months into our relationship, he decided to get one. I was kinda crushed, to be honest. .....What? Why? I remember thinking. Why does he need one now? And although he didn't play it as much as other guys, I began to fully understand the frustration some girls have with guys playing their Xbox. I can honestly admit that I felt some slight competition, even a slight twinge of jealousy here and there. While I wasn't being taunted with the threat of another girl, this seemed just as worse: this thing was waiting for him in his bedroom every single night.

And I understood how girls felt. "Just let me finish this match," he'd say, and I'd say goodbye and sigh to myself. Or waiting for what felt like forever for a text message reply or for a phone call to be answered. That damn Xbox was a force to be reckoned with.

But summer was quickly approaching, and one day he just announced it. "I'm selling my Xbox," he said.

"Why?" I asked with an innocent face, hoping I was stifling the grin that was about to spread across my face.

"I want to use the money to get roller blades. I used to do it all the time, and I miss it. My Xbox keeps me inside anyways."

I breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time didn't really believe it. But it's true folks, my boyfriend's Xbox will be gone tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong. I wasn't totally disgusted by his Xbox habit, I know that I have a few things I could give up/work on myself. I even tried playing with him a few times, but it just didn't really click. I guess I'm not that kind of girlfriend. But I think that him having roller blades could be fun this summer...maybe he could even teach me how.

He texted me tonight, saying he had a great blog post idea for me. "Blog about how the typical "the guy will play his games 'all the time' isn't true," he said. "Because this Totally Awesome Boy is selling his console for something more active."

Well said, Totally Awesome Boy. Well said.

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Chris said...

spectacular way to absolutly catch the moment and portray it perfectly! im very very enthusiastic about selling the xbox, its going to be a fun, not so new but long past adventure for this summer. I love you

RAY J said...

Grrr I had a nice 2 paragraph comment about my own experience with gaming guys and Blogger gave me an error when I posted and deleted it! Booooooo

Anyways, every guy I've dated has been glued to their games (and it's not just xBox - PS3 and WoW are just as bad, lol...) and with 2 of the 3 it lead to breaking up. To be honest, as annoyed as I was that I couldn't upload my Little Big Planet trophies to FB while the Playstation Network was down, it was nice not hubby glued to CoD every free second of the day when he was home. It annoys me a bit that his idea of hanging out with Little Man is holding him while he plays CoD or putzes around on his smartphone - it's fine when Little Man is watching (although I'm not too thrilled he's watching daddy "shoot some bitches" as daddy puts it), but he does get fussy after a bit when he wants daddy to interact and play with him and of course daddy gets frustrated and calls for mommy then as he's in the middle of a match... grrrrr

RAY J said...

Forgot to mention, prior to having kiddo, I did my share of gaming more than a typical female (WoW + new content = my gaming poison. I played that one for nearly 5 years straight before taking a break and coming back for a few months before kiddo was born), but it's important to have a life away from a game too =)

I just refuse to be one of "those" parents you read about, neglecting their kid cuz they're too busy to put down the controller or logout to take care of them.

UjjwalRaaj said...

Loooooool. I loved the way you started this post! You should like totally start writing a book or something. Your writing reminds me of Jenny Valentine at times. It didn't click until now. I've never had an Xbox. I prefer PSP and PC gaming. Boring I know, but Xboxes are very addictive.....especially first person shooters. Gaah. Loved this post! =)

Rommel Peter Fernandes said...

I loved the way you shared this.
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