Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's in my bag? You'll see..

Yep, I did it. If you've ever been on Flickr, you've seen the #whatsinmybag photos. A scattering of random items from a purse, all for the world to see with some delightful tags. Well, I don't have a Flickr, but this is something I've always wanted to do! So here is my not-so-exciting purse...I'd like to think I keep it simple.

1- My glasses, which I really need to wear more often. But instead, you'll usually find them in my purse.
2 - My iPod! In his adorable case that I found on etsy! My iPod is my source of life.
3 - My wallet, from Rue 21. I've had it a while and I really should get a new's falling apart at the seams. Any suggestions? I'm thinking a wallet/coin purse combo. At the moment, my large collection of pennies keeps making my wallet explode open...
4 - Mini hairspray. More necessary than I would have ever imagined.
5 - Random receipts. All for fast food. It's a bad habit I need to work on.
6 - Bouncy ball! Can you find the other one in this photo? ;) I won them in a crane game. My boyfriend got me addicted to crane machine/arcade games. They're impossible to pass up now!
7 - Mini White Gardenia body spray. Smells so good.
8 - Chapstick! It's cherry flavored. Lost the wrapper ages and ages ago..
9 - My Michael Jackson "Thriller" necklace that I found at a garage sale. It says "Thriller" above a lone white glove.
10 - Purple ink pen. Purple is my favorite color, and therefore this is my favorite pen. I don't go anywhere without it.
11 - Cookie Dough Bites, leftover from when I saw Bridesmaids last night. Ate them shortly after this photo was taken.
12 - Keys! So many keys. On my college lanyard, no less.
13 - Pencils that I stuffed in my purse last week during finals week. I should take them out now...they keep stabbing me whenever I grab something from my purse.
14 - My favorite purse. One of the best purchases I've ever made; thanks to my bestie for peer pressuring me into buying it!

Honorary member - my phone. It makes an appearance in my purse on occasion, but most of the time, it's glued to my hand.

Guys, a woman's purse, alright, it's her secret source of power. Alright? There are many dark and dangerous things in there, that we, the male species, should know nothing about. - How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

What's in YOUR bag?

For some inspiration, check out the Flickr collection of #whatsinmybag


Chris said...

This was very interesting to read, because there were things in there that I didn't even know were there.

Erica said...

Fun! I love what's in my bag posts! That Thriller necklace is so cool.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I did the 30 Day Blog Challenge last year and this was one of the Vlogs I did

Nicole said...

This is a cute post. Sometimes you forget things that are in your purse. lol


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