Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Guess I Caught the Bieber Fever

Yep. I said it.

Today, my boyfriend and I were looking for a movie to watch when he goes, "how about this one? I know you wanted to see it."
I almost fell over that he even suggested it. It was Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Now, I wouldn't really have classified myself as a Bieber fan, but he had a point. I had said before I wanted to see it, but that's because I enjoyed the Miley Cyrus concert/documentary as well as the one the Jonas Brothers had (before they fell off the face of the Earth.) It looked a lot like those, and I love music, so I did want to see it. I never would have dreamed that my boyfriend would suggest to watch it...especially together.

It started out cheesy as predicted, but I was fascinated how he was discovered on YouTube. I had to admit it, the boy had/has quite the pipes. Hearing him cover countless songs that I love, I was starting to become impressed. His success story also shows the true power that social media holds. He's been tweeting since the beginning of his journey. He was constantly making radio station visits, and would tweet when and where he would be. The more he visited and tweeted about his appearances, the bigger his crowds would become. His entire foundation was built because he and his manager were smart with working social media to their advantage.

Jump to the present day: he's a huge star. Is he the next Michael Jackson, or is this just a fling? Watching clips from his live shows and rehearsals, it's obvious that this teen has talent. It may not be everyone's first choice for music, but it's obvious that he has lasting power. I mean, don't the lyrics to "Baby" speak to anyone who has been let down due to high expectations they put on a first love? It's a completely universal message.

And yes, I did shed a few tears, but not the Bieber Mania tears you may be imagining. This kid really cares about his fans. His management makes it a point to hold great tickets to give to people who may not get them otherwise; I teared up a little when Bieber's main man took a family from the nosebleeds down to the fourth row....just because. Justin's also not afraid to give a million high fives or hugs.
Something I learned about him today: he also makes the fans feel great...on stage. When he's singing his hit, "One Less Lonely Girl," one fan from the audience gets to be that girl. She comes up on stage, sits down, receives a bouquet of roses and is serenaded by the one and only Justin. It's truly something that any fan would dream of, and you know he cares.

I hate to sound cliche, but this is a teenage boy who is truly in awe of what he has, and still manages to appreciate everything. I was blown away when I realized how long he's had this talent, and the fact that he can play many different instruments (piano, guitar, drums and trumpet....just to name a few.) With people like Usher backing him, he has the resources he needs to survive: his voice being the strongest.

What can I say? I guess I've caught the Bieber fever, but it wasn't his hair that drew me in. I saw the true talent that Justin Bieber has, and I absolutely respect him as an artist. I can't wait to see what he will be delivering for years to come. And hey, my boyfriend enjoyed the movie too. I don't think anyone can call herself a true music lover until they are able to listen to anything with an unbiased ear. So give him a chance and check him out, even if you've been hesitant like I was. You may be surprised.

I guess it's time to raid the little sister's music. ;)

*photo via we heart it*


Chris said...

So, just reading this really made me tear up. Remember how you told me that you were tearing up while watching it with you really makes me happy! Specially with things like how his father was standing to the side during one of his songs just bawling, and it make you tear up, that makes me smile in a good way. I love it!

allie margaret said...

YES! So glad you've caught it. I LOVE JB so much, that movie was amazing. He is wonderful :)


Jenna Lee said...

Its funny but I like him too. He is true born talent. Love his voice and his music. I just hope he always stays grounded.

HAPPY Friday! Thanks for the blog visit!

Erica said...

With all the hype surrounding this kid, I gotta say, he actually does have talent! And he's cute. So it's OK that you have Beiber fever. I am sure if I was a teenager he'd be on my wall. I mean I liked NKOTB for crying out loud.

Bee said...

I definitely fell in love with the Biebs. Loooove.

Maddie Shae said...

I've been a fan from the very beginning. I love Justin with all my heart because of his good heart,not because he's Justin Bieber; teen superstar. It is great to know even die hard music fans appreciate him & know that he is real music. :)


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