Monday, June 27, 2011

Online Classes: The Experience

Online classes. Oy. I enrolled in three this summer to keep my summer and work schedule fairly open. I assumed if I wasn't spending time in a classroom, I'd have more time Work. Blogging. I thought wrong.

My online classes have consumed my life. Why? It was all due to poor planning. So I write this post for any of you who may be taking online classes this fall...proceed with caution. I'll find myself spending hours in front of the computer and textbook trying to teach myself something I could learn in an hour in a classroom. It's a struggle.

This was my first real dabble in online classes, so it was truly an experiment. That and the fact that I took three and they are all reading-based classes (psychology, sociology, and criminal justice) I put myself in sort of a bind. I'm not a huge fan of slaving over a textbook. I'd rather be sitting in a classroom with live discussion and things to do, things to accomplish. Instead, I'm finding myself sending off assignments that I slaved over out into receive an automated grade on moments later. It's frustrating.

If you ever take an online class and you're like me, make sure you have a plan. I jumped into psychology thinking that I'd do it as I went along, but after my instructor posted everything, divided it into three due dates and essentially said "have fun!" I knew I was in over my head. Making due dates for myself earlier on would have saved myself trouble later.

Do you have any tips for mastering online classes? What has your experience been with them?

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baby boutique hats said...

Im thinking of having the basic course too. But still on the process of finding some reliable source.

Traveller's Anatomy said...

thanks for drop by at my blog :)

yeah, i prefer live teaching over self-reading as i easily get distracted, thus spending much time trying to understand a simple lesson. U should only consider taking subject u're really passionate about, that helps in mastering it faster :)

Roosterruler said...

Oi. I did online classes. Have done them. Exhausting things that rarely ever made me feel good. Mainly, I had a total lack of motivation.

So my experience? Poor. I love interacting with my classmates. Doodling in class. Not learning all I learn from a textbook.

Suggestion for mastering it? Get a keen, solid study-schedule to follow.

Best of luck to ya!


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