Sunday, July 10, 2011

30 Day Challenge Update: I Did it!

A month ago I posted that I would be giving up soda. Like another 30 Day Challenge I gave myself, I didn't think that this one was going to turn out so well, to be honest. However, I truly surprised myself.

I went an entire month only having one sip of soda. Yes, I know. I wasn't supposed to have any at all. But we had Sun Drop in my house for the first time, and I had never tried it... (can I just say it was delicious?) But honestly, I wouldn't call that cheating. I went a month without soda (pop) and I can honestly say I've never felt better.

In the past 30 Days...

I've managed to truly challenge myself. In the summertime, it's trickier than I thought to avoid pop; it's truly one of few things offered everywhere. I found it to be an exciting challenge to see what I could discover when I wasn't able to reach for a soda. When it came to fast food places, I found myself trying each and every juice they had...something I've never really had that much of before. Who knew boring old Fruit Punch could taste so good on a hot day?

I also explored other different options, such as flavored water. I fell in love with Crystal Light packets: Raspberry Lemonade is to die for and my official choice for the drink of Summer 2011!

My boyfriend gave up pop with me: and we both succeeded! I think that having a partner in this challenge really helped keep me motivated, it was nice not being tempted by him drinking pop! One of my friends also kept me on the right track by giving me this link that shows what can happen to you if you drink a can of pop everyday.

I'm noticeably thinner. In just 3o days I'm thinner and proud of it...soda can cause bloating, and it's just not good for you!

Drinking juices and water makes me feel healthier inside and out. My skin is clearer, and I have more energy. Before, I would drink pop during my work break and crash a while after clocking back in. Now, I have more energy and it lasts longer -- no more sugar crashes!

I feel good that I created a challenge and completed it.

Have you ever given up soda?
What should be my NEXT 30 Day Challenge?


Krystal said...

i think i need to give up beer, soda and all carbonation, you know? i hate that bloated feeling. YOU ROCK though for doing that!!!

Victoria said...

You are inspiring! thank you! Now I need to strive for the same thing!

Erica said...

That's great! Proud of u!!

I gave it up too! I started in March due to some medical issues I was having. Haven't drank any since! Not as hard as I thought.

Drama Queen #1 said...

I've given up soda, and all sugar period, and I've lost over fifteen pounds! Which is awesome, because I am NOT an exercise person.

Nate said...

When I was 17 I drank a hell of a lot of soda and I had really really bad acne. My Dad bought a water-dispensing-thingy and I decided to swap soda with water for a month and my skin totally cleared up.

When it comes to health, water clearly trumps soda!

Laura said...

I had to give up soda last summer because I was working 6-9 hours out in the Florida heat during the middle of the day. And Soda just dehydrates you and it almost guarantees a trip to the hospital here. So i know how hard it can be.

chris said...

it was an awesome experience and was awesome to have someone working on it with me. I love you


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