Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Comics did a good thing.

Twitter is having one of the greatest story-times of all time. Comic book lovers are uniting to share the stories about how the stories of their heroes have changed their lives. Although I wouldn't call myself an avid comic book reader, the tweets are truly inspiring. These are some of the best I've read so far.

NCatchuk: Comics allowed me to escape during 3 years of constant bullying. Without them I'm not sure I would be here

Kaijunoir: Comics inspired me to become an artist and express my creative ideas, I don`t know where i would be without it.

Etherius: I met five of my best lifelong friends through my comic book shop.

Hydeandgeek: As a child without a good male role model in my life, I am glad I had Clark Kent and Peter Parker.

BrockNicholson: I learned that being the good guy is the reward, no matter how hard that can be.

Cooper_jim: Comics get kids interested in reading. Fact.

777damm: Captain America showed me it was RIGHT to love my country and stand up for it

DaveMaulding: Green Lantern showed me that you can still have fears, but you can overcome them, too.

DavidGallaher: by introducing me to my wife!

For the rest, click here.

My own tweet comes from the only comic series I've read in it's entirety.

jessihaish: Scott Pilgrim taught me the importance of kicking the past in its ass in order to grow up and move on. #comicsdidagoodthing

Have comics done a good thing for you?


Chris said...

Now this seems like something that would be cool. But i could never get into the comics other than like Ice Man and such. I do think that any type of reading is good, whether that be a novel, or a comic.

Ashton King said...

The only comic I really cared about was XMen, and I think that helped kind of keep me away from all of the racism still seen in the South today.

(I also like Betty, Veronica & Archie... but I don't think those count :P )


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