Saturday, July 16, 2011

Witnessing Change: Civil Unions

Today, I witnessed history.

I went to my courthouse and stood on the lawn with many others to witness history in the making. It was the first civil union ceremony for my county! Ten same-sex couples were able to apply for civil union licenses for the first time in this county, and I was there to witness it and cheer it on.

Equality is a basic concept that this country was founded on, and yet we still have so far to go to get everyone on the same level. I'm so glad that I was able to witness the beginning baby steps today! I was able to witness something happen that I've always believed should be happening.

It was truly a unique and memorable was inspiring and something I won't soon forget. The photo above is of myself, my friend Will and Melissa of So About What I Said! It was a beautiful day, a beautiful ceremony, and beautiful step in the right direction.


violet said...

awesome! :)

Ashton King said...

Very cool :)

Luke Cloherty said...

It's good that your County has finally decided to accept that gay marriage is viable and implemented the law sanctioning its allowance. It's good to see that you guys over the pond are being delivered a fairer system that is less based on the book of bullshit (bible) and more on egalitarian principle.


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