Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All the small things.

My boyfriend sold his car today. A car I've always hated -- it was loud, he drove it obnoxiously, and it was not an American car. It was a Grandpa car, and I couldn't stand it.

Until today.

Riding in the car with him for the last time was a lot harder than I ever imagined it would be. My boyfriend and I have been through quite a lot in the past year and a half, and to be completely honest, that car has been there for most of it. Now that it's gone, it just seems strange...honestly like something is missing.

And it's silly. I couldn't stand the car, and today I actually teared up. I want to spout out something silly like "you don't know what you got til it's gone," but that would be cliche. Instead, I'll say "all the small things." Because I miss all the small things that happened with and in that car. Plus, it's the name of a Blink 182 song, a band we listened to on loop for hours one night in my driveway before we started dating. I miss all the small things already. It's crazy to see how much impact something like that has on your life.

We've been through both break-ups and make-ups in that car. I couldn't even begin to total up the amount of days we've probably spent in it. All the hours we spent sitting in it in my driveway. How many times I plugged in my iPod and serenaded him with Elton John, Aerosmith, or Aretha Franklin. How many times I put my feet up on the dash. How many times my head rested on his shoulder. All the doughnuts in parking lots in the snow. The rides at our high school and to our college. First date jitters. First make-out sesh. Drives to nowhere and back. Tears. Smiles. Promises. Secrets.

All in a stupid car.

Who knew it could hold so many memories? Who knew it would end up meaning so much to us and defining so much of our relationship? Maybe we take everyday things, even inanimate objects, for granted. Maybe we never truly realize their presence...until one day they're gone.


Erica said...

aww, you guys are cute!!
Lots of memories can be stored up in old cars so totally understandable.

Jenna Lee said...

I feel the same way. I hated my last car but the last week with it before I traded it in I knew I would miss it. Its funny how your emotions can work sometimes.

$|<@77€®|\/|1|\||)€|) said...

This is one of the most sentimental posts on here or maybe I feel this way because this post is only about us, the car and blink 182. I really will miss that car, but hey... we can always make other memories, and maybe even repeat some of the old.

HiLLjO™ said...

Aw. It's true! I hated our POS first apartment and couldn't wait to move out... until we moved out. I missed it. All our firsts happened there in the first 2 years we were together!

On a funnier side, when I was 6 my parents had a green Pontiac that I just LOVED. We took it everywhere, including driving it to FL for a vacation. When they put it for sale I told them "no." And I told the buyer it wasn't for sale when they came to get it.

Jaleesa said...

Aww this is justv so precious... almost teared up myself (now i know its time to go to bed). Very beautiful =)

Molly said...

I felt the same way when my boyfriend's sister moved out of her old house, and into her new one. We had had so many "firsts" in her old house, and it was sad to see it go. Every time I go past it, I think about all of those memories...

kyleen said...

This post is so cute!


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