Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How I Did It: Summer Fashion on a College Budget

I'm going to be completely honest. I know absolutely nothing about fashion. I just started really trying out make-up a few weeks ago, and most days, my outfit consists of blue jeans and a band tee. But this summer, I found ways to be a cost-efficient version of myself when it came to clothes and make-up. And although I don't pride myself on fashion, I think it's a good list for anyone looking for summer steals on a college student's budget (which can hardly be considered a budget at all.) So here are my secrets.

Like I said, I literally just recently started playing around with make-up. At the most, I usually wear mascara. But lately, I've been breaking out of my shell. I discovered the brand ELF when a HyVee opened in my town, and I stocked up on $1 products. For someone like myself who doesn't want to drop a fortune and just likes to mess around with make-up, this is absolutely perfect for me. Plus, they have a website! And it's not cheap, crappy make-up like you'd expect for the price.


While taking a short road trip with friends this summer, I had completely forgotten sunglasses, and the sun was killing my eyes. (Did you know that blue eyes are the most sensitive?) So a friend persuaded me to buy myself some sunglasses while we made time for a pit stop at a gas station. They were only $6! They look like Ray Bans, and they were definitely a bargain. I've been wearing them everyday ever since.

Wal-Mart was my go-to place for summer clothes. Between $10 and $12 for a sundress, I couldn't go wrong! Plus, they are so comfortable!

I found my adorable swimsuit (in my favorite color) after scouring fashion blogs for deals and steals. Lovelyish featured a GAP swimsuit for $20 that was originally $60! I'm glad I did my research!

Why go out and buy a pair if you can make some? Whether you have jeans of your own, or you make a stop at Goodwill, it's very easy to make yourself a cute pair of cut-offs. They're 100% original!

Wal-Mart has knock-off Converse low-tops and high-tops that I absolutely adore. For around $10-$15 a pair, they look just like the real thing, and they feel just like it too! The only difference is there's no logo, and you save yourself some dough. Plus, aren't flip flops just the cheapest shoes EVER?

I think all that summer saving means more ice cream! ;)

P.S. Remember when I was debating whether or not to cheat on Blogger and start up a Tumblr? Well that's exactly what I did! Check it out here!


Erica said...

All great tips! Just shows you don't need to spend a lot to look great everyday!

Liesl said...

Woo Hoo! Love that you did all of this on a budget...go you! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment!

Liesl :)

Nate said...

America is so much cheaper than Australia! Everything over here is a fortune, and major Aussie retailers wonder why everyone is shopping online nowdays!

Cat said...

Oh my ... I am all over inexpensive make-up and cheep sunnies :)

♥ Cat brideblu

Melissa Blake said...

i loooove this! you should totally have regular how-to posts!! :)


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