Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I did it.

I casually took this picture of myself my first trip to the university my junior year of high school. I was trying to look nonchalant in the news room.

My junior year of high school, I went on a journalism conference to a university that I would instantly fall in love with. The campus was gorgeous, the professors and students were ultra-friendly, and even the air had a good vibe. I loved everything about it. I bought a shirt with the college name and a proud JOURNALISM scrawled on it, and I wore it more often than any other shirt I own to this day.

My freshman year of college, I traveled to said university once again for a journalism conference: and realized why I fell in love with it in the first place. The same thing happened the following year. Even as I applied and was accepted to my local university, my "dream" university was still in the back of my mind...but I didn't apply. Tuition was the same for both schools, but going four hours away and having to pay room and board? It seemed crazy and out of reach, especially because I was paying for school out of my own pocket. But as I went to my first newspaper meeting for my local university, and attended and orientation, I was simply unhappy.

So I withdrew before I even started. And took some time to think. Then when I was thinking about my life and where I wanted to go with it, I decided to apply to the beautiful, perfect school. It's worth a shot, right? I remember thinking. And if I take out loans, it's not the end of the world. Everyone has to do it at some point. So I took a chance and it was the only university I applied to. For the first time in my life, I threw caution to the wind.

And it worked out. I was officially accepted to a school I've been thinking about since I was seventeen. And I'm going to go. It will be crazy, I'm nervous and I'll be out of my comfort zone, but I want it. I'm going to do it.

And thinking about it, I've never been happier.


Hollie said...

Congratulaions! :)

Shia said...


Missed Periods said...

Congratulations. There's nothing better than being out of your comfort zone. You're going to have a blast.

Grace said...

congrats! that's wonderul. I love it when people follow their dreams like this and find happiness :)

Carolynn Cecilia said...

Congrats! Go out there and get it girl!


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