Monday, August 08, 2011

On School...and Parents Being Right?

Saying that I like going to school would be a lie.

I love going to school. I can't imagine my life without it. Having a summer full of online classes was hardly satisfying. I miss the classroom experience. I miss feeling like I'm truly learning and growing. I miss it all. I'm going insane.

So maybe that's why I recently decided I want to major in education. Hopefully someday I can bring the magic into someone else's life like so many teachers have brought it into mine. Maybe I can make a difference.

But it wasn't always like this. My parents, especially my father, have always said I would make a good teacher. As far back as I can remember. And although I wasn't against the idea, it was never my first choice. So I branched off and tried out different things: art, writing..and although I loved them, maybe they weren't it.

When I'm at school though, the outside world doesn't matter. I didn't realize this until my boyfriend pointed it out to me tonight. He would know, after going to the same high school and college as me, and being my project partner in a class. He says when I'm in school, I give it everything I have. I become deeply involved and it consumes me, so to speak. He says it only makes sense for me to become a teacher; I never have to leave.

"School makes you happy. Not the fake happy, the true happy...the corny happy," he says.

I miss being in the classroom. I can't wait until August 22 when I'm back at it: the same community college but in a completely different way. School is the one thing in my life that never fails me, it's always there for me, and it always makes me 100 percent happy.

"I think you've always wanted to be a were just too stubborn to ever admit it," he says.

So maybe my parents were right along. And maybe this is what's right for me.

"I think your parents know you better than you realize," my boyfriend said tonight. "Especially your dad."

Maybe they always knew what was best for me, but they were waiting for me to see it myself. And maybe, that time and that moment have finally met.

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Chris said...

:):):):):):) I'm glad that you gave my this justice in showing exactly how you feel towards the idea of becoming a teacher. This is absolutely amazing and I do like this post very much. Great Job Jess. I love you!

Erica said...

I loved school too! I always said I wish I could be a professional student. My happiest memories were crisp autumn days, walking to my poetry class on campus and waving to my ultra-cool professor, a 60's hippie and head of the English department who was usually smoking a cigarette outside before class started. The anticipation of knowing I was about to learn all kinds of amazing things that rocks.


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