Monday, August 15, 2011

The tale of a girl who got bored and chopped off all of her hair.

When I get bored, it's obvious. And since my recent decision not to go back to school this year, I'm antsy as ever. I had to turn off my internal countdown til the day school started, and I'm already going crazy. I've had many different ways to deal with boredom: annoying my little sister, dying my hair, cranking out a blog post, or refreshing my Facebook News Feed for hours. Well today, I went one step further. I cut off all my hair.

I debated doing it before. And when everyone commented and said things like "it's just hair!" I thought I'd give it a shot. So I went out, bought scissors and thinning shears. And threw them into a drawer, where they stayed for about a month. Until today. Now I feel a little Annie Lennox- like. And that's totally fine with me.

I started with poofy, shaggy, heavy hair. YAY for helmet hair! It was killing me. Here's a tip: don't cut your hair if you're hot. You may cut off more than you originally intended to. Oh well.

And then somehow, I wound up with this. Cue the awkward, forced photo-friendly smile!

Cutting off my own hair wasn't that big of a deal, and I stressed about it for weeks. Then I finally did it, and I'm happy! It's always good to save $20 that you don't have.

Would you ever cut your own hair, or have you before?


Grace said...

looks beautiful!! :) makes me want to pixie cut mine again ;)

Ashton King said...

I'm actually in the process of growing mine out. Can't live in southern Alabama without a ponytail! But I do cut my own bangs about once a month and trim the pieces in the front to frame my face.

Ashelyn said...

Ooh, I've been that short before! It's very liberating.

I've cut my own hair before too. It was in high school though. Long story short, family loved my long red hair, I didn't want to conform to family expectations, so I put normal everyday scissors to my hair and cut about a foot off.

Needless to say, the next day I had an emergency hair appointment where my Mom actually asked, "Is there any way to glue it back on??"

Ever since, I've been styling with short hair. :)

Deidre said...

Well done you! I am terrified to cut my own hair, it's super curly and so it's really quite a challenge to cut.

David Rotherham said...

snap! The other week I ran out of patience with the declining condition of my 16 inch hair, and cropped it myself to avoid being overchaged by a barber. some people tell me I look younger, but I don't buy that: It was the last of the brown hair that came off, and it is now half-grey.

HiLLjO™ said...

I got my first salon haircut in 2 years the month before our wedding!
I always cut my own hair and my husband's. He'll want a mohawk, then grow it, then jim morrison layers, then grow it, then dreads... It's just cheaper and I can make him look just how I want!
I like your cute little 'do!

Lady said...

I recently cut mine not too long ago, I cut it very short, short enough to put into a fohawk. Now I'm growing it longer again. I tend to get my hair cut during the winter time, I just get bored and start feeling all dull, and then I start cutting my hair and dying it different colors. Then summer time is usually when I have longer hair. :P Very cute haircut indeed, pixie cuts are pretty cute, some people don't suit them too well. But you pulled it off nicely! :)

Carolynn Cecilia said...

I've trimmed my own bangs before, but don't think I could muster up the skills for a full on haircut. Congrats!

PatrĂ­cia Olesen said...



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