Saturday, August 13, 2011

Talking about high school like I'm 10 years out.

Good god. I am getting old.

And yet I feel so far behind...

When I "get out" and the outside world and stories of it start trickling in with my do things really have a different perspective.

I was catching up with one of my longest and dearest friends the other day, and she has connections with people that I cut off years ago. It can sometimes be interesting to hear what my old gang is up to, other times it just feels silly. But when you find out what other people your age are doing, it kind of makes you wonder if we're all created equal.

I've been in a good relationship with my boyfriend for a year and a half. However, he's my first relationship. It astounds me how much of my graduating class is engaged, married, and popping out juniors. Although I'm content with my speed...was I drinking the wrong water in high school? Who knows.

It's weird how a group of people who seemed so similar in the beginning: same background, similar stories, etc, can each take a slightly different step from one another and end up on different ends of the map: literally and not. People I've known since I was five and have a lot in common with are engaged to people they've known a year...while Jessi is trucking along in community college with a guy she adores. We may have been best friends for years, we may have shared our dreams, but the two of us never would have guessed it would end up this way. And maybe that's the best thing that could have happened to us. Maybe there's no way of knowing. But maybe someday, no matter what step in what direction we took out of high school, we will realize that it was exactly what we needed.

On a semi-related note...
Seeing the guy you always swore you'd marry after high school, years after he was a d-bag to you? Seeing him with his gross facial hair, stoned off his ass, and waving at you like a fish looking for water? Maybe what happened then was exactly what we needed.

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Ashton King said...

Girl, this post is almost exactly like my last one! My graduating class has created a facebook group now ... yuck.

Nate said...

Reminds me of a line from a song by a band called The Format:
"Old classmates please drop all your pens,
and don't write a word 'cause I wont reply.
And I'm not bitter, no,
It's just i've passed that point in my life."

I'm very much the same, I've been out of school nearly fives years now and besides my closest two friends who I have on facebook (but still rarely talk to) I have no contact at all with high school friends.

Erica said...

Cool post. In ten years time, you will find that a lot of the "nerds" turn into millionaires or CEO's, most of the "cool" kids are leading kind of boring lives and the "artsy" misfit types are now the cool kids that everyone wants to be friends with. Just sayin'.


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