Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Current favorite links on the web (Lots of music!)

Readers voted and decided the Worst Songs of the 1990s. The worst song of the decade? "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. Say it ain't so! I loved that song! Check out the top ten here.

Hello Giggles has a great new vid up on the site: begging Justin Timberlake to make some new music! Did you know his last album came out FIVE years ago? This video describes how every JT fan feels. 

25 free songs? You finally did something right, Urban Outfitters!

I think I know what I want to try on my 21st birthday. AC/DC wine.

Pistol Annies is the next Dixie Chicks: but the Annies have Miranda Lambert. "Hell on Heels" is a great song for anyone who loves country music...or just good music, really. Check out the music video here.

I went to my quiet place today for a bit. It was nice. Need a break from emails, notifications, and updates? Try visiting the quiet place. 

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Shia said...

I love Barbie Girl too! I used to have it as a ringtone when ringtones first used songs! My niece who is 5 gets in my car and says...can we listen to the Barbie Song...every time I pick her up! I think Aqua had so many great songs!

Come on Barbie let's go Party!

♥ Shia

$|<@77€®|\/|1|\||)€|) said...

I like this post for the simplicity yet how extravagant it is. Its fantastic!

Missed Periods said...

"Who Let the Dogs Out" should have been number one. And how dare 4 Non Blondes be on that list!

Erica said...

Oh hell no! What the french??
They did not vote 4 Non Blonds What's up!!!! That is one of the songs I rock at karaoke. NO no, There needs to be a re-vote!! That song defined by angsty youth. I don't know if I can read the rest, but I will. be right back

Erica said...

I read the rest, still confused with these choices, I can think of handful of craptastic songs to include by bands starting with Spice and ending with Girls.

I need to make my own list I think, lol!!

♥ T said...

I LOVE Barbie Girl! I'm also guilty of liking half the songs on that list though, haha.

Thanks for posting the link to the quiet place! I failed miserably at it but I will attempt it when I don't have a million tabs open!

Aaand I am now following you on Twitter! I love your blog :)


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