Thursday, September 01, 2011

Girrrrrrl, you addicted.

I never cared what I looked like. In high school, the only time I wore a drop of make-up was for formal dances like homecoming. Make-up cost money and took time, and I didn't really want to spend either one of those. But in the last month or so, my feelings toward make-up and products has completely changed. I'm borderline addicted. I think a lot of it was stirred up by a chat with a longtime best friend.

She was in the same make-up-less boat that I was, but she recently became attached to the wide variety of brands and colors. As she went on about all the options and how much fun it was to try out, I became intrigued. I wanted in on this fun! I discovered the ELF brand which is insanely inexpensive, and I became hooked to things such as face primer (two months ago I didn't even know it existed!) And although I don't wear make-up every day, when I do, it's fun. I like to play around with it. I see it as another way to be creative. Also, I think my stock of make-up has increased by about 300%. Yeah...

Then she told me about the video girls on YouTube. She suggested her favorites: Michelle Phan, emilynoel83, and makeupbytiffanyd. Right now I'm still playing around with my own ideas, but these are good videos if you're looking for something new to try out!

My friend also left me with a trick of the trade. She tweeted:  fact: white eyeliner on the lower waterline makes you look more awake too! Personal fave trick.

It works! I haven't found any tricks yet, but I'd love to hear yours! What always works for you, what are some of your favorite products, and where do you get your inspiration from? 
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Ashton King said...

I don't really have a lot of tricks, other than only wearing eyeliner on my eyelids to make my eyes appear bigger (if I line the top and bottom my eyes look like they're squished).

Also, here's something to avoid if you have freckles - any of that perfect match makeup that comes out white and adjusts to your skin tone. As soon as it hits a freckle, it gets too dark. Learned that the hard way.

I've never heard of ELF, but I like WetnWild eye products. It's cheap and doesn't run or smear.

Shia said...

I just discovered ELF too! SUPER CHEAP!! I love the products you have in your pic. I am a big fan of Benefit. At Sephora you can get a little compact with Eye Bright and Boing Concealer for like $10!

Tips = Mineral makeup is great for a natural look and ELF has a mineral makeup super close to Bareminerals and of course it is super cheap...

Also do your eye makeup first so that if it smears or specks get on your face you don't ruin your foundation/bronzer trying to fix it =)

Sarah said...

Physicians Formula has a line called Organic Wear and I love it 'cause it's a super natural look and doesn't have a lot of hard-to-pronounce ingredients in it. On an everyday basis I use their tinted moisturizer (with SPF!) and their mineral bronzer/blush - I put that on my cheekbones and it makes them look higher.

Paislea Elyse said...

i have to tell you that the only reason that i wore make up in high school was because kids would make fun of my freckles. and i wanted to cover them up. i also have really blond eyelashes and so i would wear consealer and mascara.

i too admit that after hanging out with my sister in law, she has taught me to love make up. and now i wear nude shades of other make ups but i cant get into the bright colors just yet.

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Katlyn said...

I'm a huge lover of makeup, I mean HUGE. I started to wear makeup (for real) since the age of 16. And I'm getting better as years go by (I'm 19). I'm getting lazier though. Now, I don't wear eyeshadow. I even skip eyeliner at most of the time. But I always loved mascara. Just two coats at each eye makes you wide awake and it makes your eye looks bigger too. You should definitely invest in a good mascara.

Erica said...

I love to play with makeup and first started in high school. A few tips I a highlighter powder underneath the brows, always use an eyeshadow primer. Also the basics that always work for me are when you are in a rush...
gold eyeshadow, pink lip gloss, mascara and some rosy blush. A quick easy look!


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