Monday, September 05, 2011

Music Monday: Where were you?

Last week we remembered Michael Jackson as his birthday rolled around. The King of Pop changed the music world as we know it. He changed my life, and he started making music long before I was even thought about. Even though I didn't grow up during his prime, he definitely made a mark on my musical world; his music shows up on my iPod every day. I think his songs are completely timeless. My parents can listen to him, I will listen to him, and even my little sister listens to him. He truly spanned every generation with his music. And that was powerful.

I remember the day he died like it was just yesterday. I heard that he was in the hospital and turned on the television. I remember flipping back and forth between CNN and Fox, waiting for an update. I wanted to hear something, anything. Then, when the news broke that he passed away, I just broke down into tears. A legend was gone.

But the power and beauty of his music still remains. Not only did he affect music lovers like myself, but countless other musicians and dancers as well. He truly left a great mark on this world, and sparked a lot of inspiration and enthusiasm. Where were you when you heard the news that MJ had passed away, and what did he mean to you?

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Katlyn said...

I started listen to Michael's music since I was 4. My elder brother and I used to watch his music video all day long together and talked about the incredible dance he made.

The day he passed away is recorded in my journal. I was at school and I got a text from a friend of mine, a fan of Michael's as well, saying he heard about his death on the radio. That day was actually my 17th birthday.

He inspired me to start dancing. He was, and still is my music god.

Melissa Blake said...

Jessi, love this post!! I think I heard about his death online, but I remember clearly watching his entire funeral a few days later on TV. The music world lost a good one too soon...

Erica said...

wow, still hard to believe he's gone. I remember how huge Thriller was when I was a child. so big that my teachers brought in the record and played in during an assembly in the auditorium. My full appreciation for his talent came later. Especially when we did one of his dances in college and I was like woah! He made it look so easy.

I was driving in the car with my husband and the news said MJ had suffered a heart attack. I looked at my husband and said "I don't think he's gonna make it, imagine if he were to die? How crazy would that be". Then a few minutes later the official announcement was made.

He was an original, a superstar in every sense of the world. A genius. I doubt I will see someone of that talent again in my lifetime.

Erica said...

I meant every sense of the word, but I see that "world" can also apply, that's how nervous I get when I write about him, hard to surmise someone so great.

Shia said...

Great post! I was on vacation and I think I heard the day after because we were up in the mountains in a cabin with limited access. I just remember is an end of an era and too soon!

RAY J said...

Josh and I were playing World of Warcraft, I remember standing in Dalaran (the main city/hub in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion) when people in trade chat started talking about him being in the hospital and I flipped on the news to see if they were joking or being serious and sure enough - one channel was saying hospitalized, other was saying he died already, although that was incorrect and he didn't die til a few hours later...



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